Friday, May 10, 2013

"Feature Friday-Jessica Lynn and "Earth Song Ranch."

Howdy Folks,

Jessica Lynn's passion in life is to share with, as well as connect with and be a resource for, as many people as possible about the healthy, homeopathic, more natural, holistic way of life for horses, cats, dogs and their people.
 Jessica grew up living a natural and homeopathic life. Her mother was on the cutting edge of the organic and homeopathic lifestyle having discovered healthy living in the 1940's when she worked at a health food store. Jessica's mother met Adelle Davis, Dr Bronner, Dr Bernard Jensen and all of the people who in the 1950's and 1960's were the gurus of health and nutrition. She raised her children naturally and protected the health of her family with all she had learned.
Throughout her life Jessica continued, and continues, to live and learn and share with others, the homeopathic, holistic lifestyle for animals and their humans. She witnessed the healthfulness and healing it affords every living person and animal. Momentum continued to build within her to teach others the benefits and even necessities of homeopathy, proper nutrition and the holistic approach to living and healing.

In 1998 Jessica met a microbiologist who taught her about using probiotics and digestive enzymes for her horses, cats and dogs. Convinced of those remarkable benefits to animals, Jessica teamed up with Dr Anne Smith, a holistic vet out of Arizona, who was also a homeopathic vet and together they developed some of the main formulas they still use today at Earth Song Ranch for small animals, including K-9 and Kitty Zymes.
 Earth Song Ranch is Jessica's on line store for not only probiotic and digestive enzyme blends for horses, cats and dogs, but also a wide variety of homeopathic products and treatments for animals. This is just one way she reaches out and offers help to those seeking a more natural approach and holistic life for their animals

For advice, top quality products and consultations visit her website . You can also sign on there to receive her monthly newsletter, and I highly recommend you subscribe at ESR News or through her FB Fan page at this link  ESR Newsletter .

A longtime friend and student of Dr. Glenn Dupree, one of the country's leading homeopathic veterinarians who recently passed away, Jessica, along with Char Raby, are in the process of setting up a Yahoo group in his name where like minded folks can gather electronically to share advice, ask questions and learn more about homeopathy. Please contact Jessica and sign on to be part of that group which is going to launch in just a few weeks. 

Jessica is also a certified equine nutritionist and consultant and offers a service to review and make recommendations for your horse's diet. This is a very helpful and healthful program. As Jessica says, "All health begins with nutrition and a healthy gut, be it horse, dog, cat or human." Just email her your questions and information regarding your horse's health, diet and lifestyle to

Emails, consultations and education are another way Jessica helps others and their animals. Each day she receives over one hundred emails from customers and clients as well as folks just discovering the benefit of a natural path to health offers. "Please write me with any questions." Jessica invites. "It's my honor to help you help your horses and pets."
 Serving as the editor for Natural Horse Magazine's Newsletter is another area Jessica lends her talents to help animals. Visit Natural Horse Magazine here.

Thank you Jessica for all you do to help animals enjoy a healthier life!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Coming Home"- Pt-4

Howdy Folks,

On April 9, I posted the first installment of "Coming Home" and then followed with Pt 2, on April 10 and Pt 3 on April 11 … I had a few requests for a little more and I'm thrilled you enjoy it so, here you go ... We left Billie with Sheriff Lovell speeding to a crime scene, her first as detective in the Sheriff's department, having just been sworn in as they sped along. Sheriff Lovell had pleaded with her, "Use all the training the FBI gave you." He looked at her. "And listen to me. You talk to me. Only me. There's something home-grown about this. The state Police'll try to mess this up. You keep it home-grown."

You can find Pt 1 here

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I hope you enjoy Pt 4 …
                                               Coming Home – Pt 4

Looking down on the wreckage and bodies from the vantage point she'd selected on the highest rise, of the flat land that bordered the county two lane road, to get her first feel for the incident, Billie wished she could find a way to be FBI again, and in charge of this crime. Sheriff Ethan Lovell deserved it. She owed him that. For twenty-two years he'd served her father. When the time came for her to join the Hondo County Sheriff's department, fresh out of college, he was like a second father to her. Would she be the investigator she was now without those few years apprenticing under Ethan Lovell's steady hand? Not likely. The team of Ty Weston and Ethan Lovell had shaped a very analytical mind.

First question, how could the dump truck have gotten close enough to ram Roy's cruiser?

Billie squatted, sat on her heels, and studied the flat land on the far side of the road. Sheriff Lovell's loud protest distracted her a second. She looked down at the bodies, then back to the flat land on the far side of the rode. The Dawson County coroner's car pulled up. That's alright; nobody was moving anything until she had her chance to study the bodies, and the immediate area.

Pulling a small notebook from her shirt pocket, she flipped it open. First note,

- How rammed? – Distraction.

Another Hondo County Sheriff's Department car pulled up behind Sheriff Lovell's Suburban. A white Tahoe. Billie recognized its driver as Sheriff's Deputy, Hector Montoya. She hadn't seen him in a few years either, but like Sheriff Lovell, he hadn't changed. Most likely the Stetson on his head was the same one he'd been wearing the last time they'd talked. Deputy Montoya, she remembered, was a man of thrift. With his money, and his words.

The flat land on the far side of the rode kept calling her back. She stood, drew a line in the sand with the toe of her boot where she'd been squatting, and marched down to the wrecked cruiser and truck. As she walked she watched Sheriff Lovell, who was leaning against his Suburban, looking away from the scene. She knew he wasn't looking at anything in particular. He was just looking away.

Hector met her halfway and removed his hat. "I'd heard today was going to be your first day back." He waved his hat over his shoulder behind him, indicating the scene. "Some day."

They shook hands. Billie nodded toward the State Troopers. "Know them?"

"Yea. The big gringo is Lieutenant Rusk. He'll want to be in charge. He's not from around here. Not easy to get along with."

Billie nodded, pulled her tablet, and jotted, - Gringo State Cop - Lt. Rusk, - Hard case?

Deputy Montoya continued, "The black guy is alright. Grew up in Dawson. New cop, but a good guy. Officer Brooks."

Billie noted on the same page, - Officer Brooks - from Dawson - alright.

"Okay then. Let's go meet Lt. Rusk."

Deputy Montoya fell in line behind her and followed. "Hector find a camera and go to where I was sitting. I drew a line in the sand, take pictures. Every possible angle. Make sure you get some of the other side of the road, but keep the vehicles in the frame." She grabbed his arm. "After you introduce me to Lt. Rusk."

"I have a camera." Deputy Montoya said.

Billie caught Lt. Rusk watching her as they approached and gave him a come-to-me wave. She heard Hector chuckle and saw Lt. Rusk stiffen, then start her way.

"Sheriff Lovell claims you're to be in charge of this investigation, but listen here young lady, this is more than a County situation. I'm taking charge."

Shaking his hand, but disregarding his proclamation, Billie signaled Hector he was up.

"Lt. Rusk, this is Detective Billie Weston, Hondo County's Sheriff's Department." He pulled his hat and scratched his head, "I guess I should say Hondo/Salado Sheriff's Department."

"Relation to Ty Weston?" Lt. Rusk asked his voice less commanding.

Billie smiled. "My father. You've met him?"

"He was just about to retire when I moved to this jurisdiction, but yea, I've met him. Doesn't have anything to do with how this investigation will be handled. Sorry."

"We'll see. While I agree with that, I must point out I take my orders from Sheriff Lovell. He told me to handle this." She pointed to the Coroner's car. "That's my Coroner. He'll do as I say." She started away then turned back, "Lieutenant, I'm sure you've got your own paperwork to do, why not get a head start on it while I examine the scene." She signaled Hector away and went to Roy. 

To continue you can read Pt 5 here -

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Rainy Day Hummingbirds"

Howdy Folks,

I heard on the radio this is the second coldest Spring on record. Don't know if that's true or not, but I must admit I'm enjoying the cooler weather. Keeps the wildflowers blooming longer and the Dogwoods too, are still in bloom. Wild Azaleas are gracing the trails' and woods' edge with their delicate pale pink flowers, the Bluetts and Spring Beauty's are just as lush as I've ever seen. Buds are pushing hard on the Mountain Laurel and wild Blueberries, wouldn't it be something if the early wildflowers were still blooming when the Mountain Laurel open their sprays of white flowers?

Here in Appomattox it's also been a pretty wet spring. Yesterday it was both cold and wet! By noon it was working hard to get over 50 degrees, and raining steadily. Ravishin' Robbie was busy working, in our back porch that we'd converted into our Library, which by the way was supposed to be my writing room, but she took it over as her office. She loves the windows and really has the room set up really neat. I huddled in the living room, a blanket covering my legs. Damp and cold works on me a bit. We both have great views of trees, woods, porches and bird feeders. Rainy days just add a bit of coziness to the day. We were both all snuggled in.

On our front porch we have 4 very popular Hummingbird feeders out of the rain. Robbie also has a string of lights all around the perimeter of the porch. I was enjoying watching the Hummingbirds dart in and out and all around doing their thing at the feeders. Just about every time I looked out there were a few at the feeders … but the cutest thing was, they were also lined up on the light string waiting their turns, out of the rain! One time I counted four Hummers sitting on the light strings!

I began checking the feeder on the back porch, and sure enough there sat one on the feeder and another on the rafter, out of the rain almost every time I looked! That made me wonder about the feeder in Kessy's stall, so I bundled up to go have a look. Of course me walking in there disturbed them, but the chickens who were all snuggled in the barn, greeted me with a few cackles and clucks. Mrs. Phoebe sat on her nest, but the feeder Hummingbird feeder had no Hummers, so I took Kessy's saddle blanket, settled into my chair and covered my legs to have a wait and see who would stop by.

It only took a few moments for the soggy Hummers to return to the shelter of the barn. Soon three Hummers sat either on the feeder or the rafter waiting their turn at the feeder. Kessy, Saturday and I watched the fun at the feeders a while, then I moseyed back to the warm house. Rainy day Hummingbirds are a treat to watch!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

"Saturday's Dance Partner"

Howdy Folks,

We stood in the calm stream, sun danced on the lazy ripples. Ferns along the stream reached for the sun, their wide leaves nearly unfurled. A Yellow Swallowtail butterfly floated just inches above the sparkling water following the contour of the meandering stream. Kessy stood so calm as if sleeping. The stream is wide here, with sandy beaches on both banks and water so clear I can watch the minnows darting between Kessy's feet. Saturday was doing his thing investigating the stream banks. It is our favorite place along all the trails we travel. Getting lost in the serenity there is easy to do, and we were.

Saturday's howl shook the tree branches. Kessy woke up and spun around with a great splashing of water, to see what had Saturday all excited. I sat the spin. Then laughed out loud. Saturday danced about howling with every other bounce, shoving his nose into leaves and bush, then howling again and bouncing back. Only to howl again!

Now you need to know something about our little beagle, Saturday. He's a discarded hunting who dog showed up on our doorstep, on a Saturday, skinny, hungry and worn nearly four years ago. And by golly he's a great little friend, and trail buddy, but no hunter. Why I've actually seen him run into rabbits on the trail and never chase them. Or let go a single howl. Nope he's simply not a hunter. We've always figured that's why he was discarded.
Our buddy Saturday
 Over the years we have noticed one thing he'll hunt down, howl at and corner. And that one thing is … snakes. Yup he'll corner a snake every time he finds one. Once in the chicken house he worried the black right off a big ol' Black Snake, howling and dancing over it. Another time behind the barn he had a three foot, or so, Hog Nosed snake. And he also cornered another really big Black Snake in the tack room one evening. So I pretty much knew right off who Saturday's newest dancing partner was … had to be a snake. But which kind had me worried as we have plenty of Copperheads in our area, even though I've never seen one.

But Saturday was sure kicking up a ruckus and would not heed my call to let it be, so I coaxed Kessy out of the water and up the bank to have a closer look. Sure enough Saturday had the biggest Hog Nosed snake I'd ever seen pinned under that bush. At first glance I thought it was a log! I told Saturday to let it alone, "It's big enough to eat you, boy!" I warned, but he just kept on dancing and howling. I edged Kessy closer, up the bank and into the brush. Finally the snake began to move away, slowly. But Saturday followed! It took a full five minutes to call Saturday off that terrified reptile!

I suppose we'll never know what Saturday sees in, Dancing With The Snakes, but we do know he loves the Rumba!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry