Monday, July 18, 2016

Annabel’s Glade

Howdy Friends! 

This beauty goes on for a long stretch in the valley by the big stream.
Yesterday’s ride took us through the big stream and into Annabel’s Glade. named this hidden treasure in honor of my dear friend Annabelle Byrd. I always think of Annabelle each time I ride through this lovely untouched garden. The day I first discovered this patch of Heaven wrapped in serenity, a bird flushed from behind a rotting log. It let go a “peep” and flew to cover providing me only a glimpse, enough to see its basic color and shape, and enough to understand I didn’t recognize it. Back at the house I called Annabelle and after a series of questions she identified my mystery bird as a Wood Cock, a first sighting for me. Since that first sighting I’ve seen several more wood cocks while riding near there. Annabelle was one of my dearest friends, for decades we birded together. She was one of my mentors in birding and nature. She’s gone to Heaven a few years back, but her memory rides and birds with me still ... She would positively adore Annabelle’s Glade. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.

You can read more about Annabelle Here ~