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"Coming Home"- Pt-4

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On April 9, I posted the first installment of "Coming Home" and then followed with Pt 2, on April 10 and Pt 3 on April 11 … I had a few requests for a little more and I'm thrilled you enjoy it so, here you go ... We left Billie with Sheriff Lovell speeding to a crime scene, her first as detective in the Sheriff's department, having just been sworn in as they sped along. Sheriff Lovell had pleaded with her, "Use all the training the FBI gave you." He looked at her. "And listen to me. You talk to me. Only me. There's something home-grown about this. The state Police'll try to mess this up. You keep it home-grown."

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I hope you enjoy Pt 4 …
                                               Coming Home – Pt 4

Looking down on the wreckage and bodies from the vantage point she'd selected on the highest rise, of the flat land that bordered the county two lane road, to get her first feel for the incident, Billie wished she could find a way to be FBI again, and in charge of this crime. Sheriff Ethan Lovell deserved it. She owed him that. For twenty-two years he'd served her father. When the time came for her to join the Hondo County Sheriff's department, fresh out of college, he was like a second father to her. Would she be the investigator she was now without those few years apprenticing under Ethan Lovell's steady hand? Not likely. The team of Ty Weston and Ethan Lovell had shaped a very analytical mind.

First question, how could the dump truck have gotten close enough to ram Roy's cruiser?

Billie squatted, sat on her heels, and studied the flat land on the far side of the road. Sheriff Lovell's loud protest distracted her a second. She looked down at the bodies, then back to the flat land on the far side of the rode. The Dawson County coroner's car pulled up. That's alright; nobody was moving anything until she had her chance to study the bodies, and the immediate area.

Pulling a small notebook from her shirt pocket, she flipped it open. First note,

- How rammed? – Distraction.

Another Hondo County Sheriff's Department car pulled up behind Sheriff Lovell's Suburban. A white Tahoe. Billie recognized its driver as Sheriff's Deputy, Hector Montoya. She hadn't seen him in a few years either, but like Sheriff Lovell, he hadn't changed. Most likely the Stetson on his head was the same one he'd been wearing the last time they'd talked. Deputy Montoya, she remembered, was a man of thrift. With his money, and his words.

The flat land on the far side of the rode kept calling her back. She stood, drew a line in the sand with the toe of her boot where she'd been squatting, and marched down to the wrecked cruiser and truck. As she walked she watched Sheriff Lovell, who was leaning against his Suburban, looking away from the scene. She knew he wasn't looking at anything in particular. He was just looking away.

Hector met her halfway and removed his hat. "I'd heard today was going to be your first day back." He waved his hat over his shoulder behind him, indicating the scene. "Some day."

They shook hands. Billie nodded toward the State Troopers. "Know them?"

"Yea. The big gringo is Lieutenant Rusk. He'll want to be in charge. He's not from around here. Not easy to get along with."

Billie nodded, pulled her tablet, and jotted, - Gringo State Cop - Lt. Rusk, - Hard case?

Deputy Montoya continued, "The black guy is alright. Grew up in Dawson. New cop, but a good guy. Officer Brooks."

Billie noted on the same page, - Officer Brooks - from Dawson - alright.

"Okay then. Let's go meet Lt. Rusk."

Deputy Montoya fell in line behind her and followed. "Hector find a camera and go to where I was sitting. I drew a line in the sand, take pictures. Every possible angle. Make sure you get some of the other side of the road, but keep the vehicles in the frame." She grabbed his arm. "After you introduce me to Lt. Rusk."

"I have a camera." Deputy Montoya said.

Billie caught Lt. Rusk watching her as they approached and gave him a come-to-me wave. She heard Hector chuckle and saw Lt. Rusk stiffen, then start her way.

"Sheriff Lovell claims you're to be in charge of this investigation, but listen here young lady, this is more than a County situation. I'm taking charge."

Shaking his hand, but disregarding his proclamation, Billie signaled Hector he was up.

"Lt. Rusk, this is Detective Billie Weston, Hondo County's Sheriff's Department." He pulled his hat and scratched his head, "I guess I should say Hondo/Salado Sheriff's Department."

"Relation to Ty Weston?" Lt. Rusk asked his voice less commanding.

Billie smiled. "My father. You've met him?"

"He was just about to retire when I moved to this jurisdiction, but yea, I've met him. Doesn't have anything to do with how this investigation will be handled. Sorry."

"We'll see. While I agree with that, I must point out I take my orders from Sheriff Lovell. He told me to handle this." She pointed to the Coroner's car. "That's my Coroner. He'll do as I say." She started away then turned back, "Lieutenant, I'm sure you've got your own paperwork to do, why not get a head start on it while I examine the scene." She signaled Hector away and went to Roy. 

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