Thursday, December 11, 2014

"What's Your Favorite Time Of Day?"

Howdy Friends!

What's your Favorite time of day?  God so blessed Ravishin' Robbie and me, my days are full of favorites! And unless my routine gets upset, my days are … routine, but as I wrote a while back, routine is a good thing.
Our mornings begin when the roosters start crowing. My first favorite part of the day is when Robbie and I snuggle a while and look out the window, taking in the morning sky. Some days we'll see the trees swaying in the wind, or they'll be dusted with snow, or coated with ice, or covered with the red and white buds of new life. This morning's sky was a real treat, a big chunk of morning moon sliding past the window all shiny and bright.

Soon Saturday and Zoe decide we've snuggled long enough, they'll bark, pace, sniff, snort and whine. So, up we go, feed 'em, start coffee and get going. It's about that time Kessy comes to the back porch and knickers softly. At first. Then of course she'll raise the volume. If I dally too long she's been known to raise her hoof and knock on the porch! Then it's off to the barn!

The chickens follow me cackling and fussing as I scatter their scratch and it's a train of chickens, Saturday, and our four cats, who must think it fun to weave and zag between my legs! Kessy dances along mindful of her foot placement as the cats rub her legs too.

Then, morning chores complete, and everyone fed, I settle in my chair next to Kessy for "Coffee Clutch." Lil' Bit and the other cats take turns leaping to my lap, Saturday curls up next to me. To the soothing sound of Kessy munching hay I'll birdwatch, plan my day, and simply enjoy ,love, nature and beauty. This is high on the list of fav-time.

Eventually it's back to the house, check emails and write an often "way too long note" to our WONDERFUL Facebook friends … Love you all for being friends! And enjoying our morning Coffee Clutches!

My next favorite time is doing the interviews with the precious folks who do so much to help others, for my "People & Horses Helping Horses & People Stories." Then writing the stories. Thank you Trail Blazer & Natural Horse Magazine for providing a venue to tell these stories and, "Helping Them Help."

I don't write every day. Some days I'll ride. Kessy's delightful shuffling gait transports me, wondering among God's beauty admiring wild flowers, birds and serenity. Yup another high on the list of fav-times!

Evenings. Love our evenings. I enjoy TV, (Especially Dancing With The Stars) even though we have antenna only, we do get plenty to watch. Reading in the evening perhaps working on my next novel, or story, anticipating the coming of the next day.  And just being in the loving glow of Ravishin' Robbie.

Well don't know if you can figure out my fav-time of the day, but I do thank God for all our blessings and making it so hard to choose. What's your favorite time of day?

Have a love filled blessed day! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Why "Gitty Up" ~ And Why I love Winnie The Pooh"

Howdy Friends,
From time to time I am asked about my love for Winnie The Pooh and my signature, "Gitty Up."

Winnie the Pooh and I became friends in those years when as a young boy I'd been locked in a room for 3 years, before they put me out on the farm and I found the spirit of the horse. 

Horrible things happened in that room, things that continue to haunt me today. But at some time in those room-years I somehow got a Winnie The Pooh book. I used to pretend that room, with its solitary window painted black, was the 100 Acre Wood. Like Pooh, Piglett, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Eyore and Christopher Robin, my adventures in the 100 Wood were imaginary, but Pooh was a terrific imaginary guide.

Pooh Bear has been a steady and loyal friend throughout life, always ready with a funny story or song, and advice. I credit him with my love of honey. And butterflies.

My email signature comes from Pooh Bear. Our daughter, the sweet and terrific Abbie, had a Winnie the Pooh desk calendar a few years ago and on July 17 of that year Pooh was dressed as a cowboy and the caption was, "Gitty Up Pooh Bear." She sent it to me with this note, "Thought you would like this."

That little picture and her note resides on the table under glass by my chair ever since. About that time I was just beginning to find my way around the keyboard, and emails. I noticed folks had clever and heartfelt sign offs at their siggys. So I latched on to "Gitty Up, Dutch Henry," and except for the most formal emails that's what I use.

I often wonder what folks think about that. But just as the spirit of the horse has in fact saved my life, so too did a tiny yellowish brown inquisitive, funny and heroic bear hold my hand in the darkest moments.

My hero

I think I'll shovel an extra spoon of honey on my oatmeal this morning.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

Monday, December 8, 2014

"Our Dreams, Connections and Memories of Horses Crossed the Rainbow Bridge"

Howdy Friends,
Our thoughts of our departed equine partners, I believe, are a connection to their spirits. Not merely memories, though memories are precious, but conduits by which we travel and visit with them again and again.
 How often have we slept comfortably and been visited by long ago physically gone friends in dreams so real we could feel them, smell them, hear them? Friends who in days past had carried us gleefully across fields, trails and on adventures. Friends who stood silently with us and joined us in celebrating our joys. Helped shoulder the burden of our disappointments, our sorrows. The spirit of the horse can be so tightly woven into ours that it is highly appropriate it would continue to lift us after leaving the physical realm. Continue to guide us, comfort us, lighten our hearts.

On a sunny day, busy with whatever task we'd undertaken, a sudden wisp of a thought brings a departed partner back with a nicker and a snort. Perhaps a head shake and stomping foot. An invisible muzzle touches our cheek.

While riding our present horse a thought of how to cue, move or sit dashes into our head and we think, "There you go old friend. Thanks for the help." They talk to us still, ever present helpful and connected.
Diablo and me, long ago ...
My old friend Diablo, while never less than a high spirited boy, has dropped in often to reassure, even guide my thoughts over the years. Funny how he mostly appears when I'm troubled. But then he always was at his best when I needed the most help. I believe it was his wisdom that helped me see, my spirit guides are horses. While Honey was only with me a short time, she too connects from time to time, in her quiet unassuming way. She was never less than a perfect gentlelady.
Honey and me ...
Often I get thoughts from/of horses I barely knew, perhaps worked with, but the images and thoughts are clear and sometimes deep. I believe when a connection has been made, the conversation continues forever. If we listen they will talk.

Friends if you have those sudden thoughts, peaceful dreams and ideas that seem to come from nowhere, embrace them. They are your friends visiting.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry