Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Rainy Day Hummingbirds"

Howdy Folks,

I heard on the radio this is the second coldest Spring on record. Don't know if that's true or not, but I must admit I'm enjoying the cooler weather. Keeps the wildflowers blooming longer and the Dogwoods too, are still in bloom. Wild Azaleas are gracing the trails' and woods' edge with their delicate pale pink flowers, the Bluetts and Spring Beauty's are just as lush as I've ever seen. Buds are pushing hard on the Mountain Laurel and wild Blueberries, wouldn't it be something if the early wildflowers were still blooming when the Mountain Laurel open their sprays of white flowers?

Here in Appomattox it's also been a pretty wet spring. Yesterday it was both cold and wet! By noon it was working hard to get over 50 degrees, and raining steadily. Ravishin' Robbie was busy working, in our back porch that we'd converted into our Library, which by the way was supposed to be my writing room, but she took it over as her office. She loves the windows and really has the room set up really neat. I huddled in the living room, a blanket covering my legs. Damp and cold works on me a bit. We both have great views of trees, woods, porches and bird feeders. Rainy days just add a bit of coziness to the day. We were both all snuggled in.

On our front porch we have 4 very popular Hummingbird feeders out of the rain. Robbie also has a string of lights all around the perimeter of the porch. I was enjoying watching the Hummingbirds dart in and out and all around doing their thing at the feeders. Just about every time I looked out there were a few at the feeders … but the cutest thing was, they were also lined up on the light string waiting their turns, out of the rain! One time I counted four Hummers sitting on the light strings!

I began checking the feeder on the back porch, and sure enough there sat one on the feeder and another on the rafter, out of the rain almost every time I looked! That made me wonder about the feeder in Kessy's stall, so I bundled up to go have a look. Of course me walking in there disturbed them, but the chickens who were all snuggled in the barn, greeted me with a few cackles and clucks. Mrs. Phoebe sat on her nest, but the feeder Hummingbird feeder had no Hummers, so I took Kessy's saddle blanket, settled into my chair and covered my legs to have a wait and see who would stop by.

It only took a few moments for the soggy Hummers to return to the shelter of the barn. Soon three Hummers sat either on the feeder or the rafter waiting their turn at the feeder. Kessy, Saturday and I watched the fun at the feeders a while, then I moseyed back to the warm house. Rainy day Hummingbirds are a treat to watch!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. What a beautiful story to wake up to this morning.. it is still morning, right? Okay, I admit I am a city gal..well at least suburbia gal. I don't check on our robins, or blue birds until 9-10 in the mornin'. My favorite time of day is actually sunset and beyond into the late night when the crickets and tree frogs are singing.. and the occasional dog is barking in the distance. Hope you have a wonderful blessed day, Dutch! Linda Nedilsky

    1. Haha, Linda, I guess you suburbia gals do just fine bird watching on your schedules! Hope you have a wonderful day too!!

  2. For the last week or so I've been watching a Hummingbird Live Cam on Mel's Daily Videos. They've grown up so much and the video cam is set up several inches from the nest and it is THE coolest thing ever. I'll check in several times a day and hadn't seen the mommy Hummie in several days until today. She spends most of her time out of the nest since the babies are growing and she needs to search for food all day long.

    1. Patti, Those Live Bird Cams are really neat! Thanks for the link!! I'll check it out!