Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Coming Home" - Pt 1-

Howdy Folks,

This is the opening of a novel I had kicked around. Just am not sure how I feel about writing a Crime Drama. I do like Billie though ... I hope you enjoy, Billie's return.
Coming Home
Chapter One

Her life would never be the same, and she was okay with that. She pulled off the hard road but did not drive through the gate, even though it sat open. It always sat open. A mile down the lane she could see the house and barn, she could even see horses in the corral. Twisting her wrist to glance at her watch she mumbled, “seven-thirty, they’d be finished breakfast and Dad would be headed back out by now.”

A single note blurb from a siren made her glance at the rear-view mirror to see flashing blue lights atop the Sheriff’s car. The car stopped behind hers, but kept the lights flashing. She watched him walk toward her, so much for a quiet return.

He taped on the window, “Everything alright Miss?”

She pushed the button and lowered the window. “Right as rain, Roy.”

Roy stepped back and leaned to look inside the car. “Billie? Billie Weston, is it really you?” He yanked the door open and squatted down. “By God, Billie Weston. Step out here! Let a fella have a look at you.”

Billie took his hand stepped out and looked him square in the eye, “You’re running highway patrol early this morning aren’t you?”

“Not really, I was on my way to Pecos County to pick up a fella they arrested last night. By God Billie, you look great. You didn’t get married yet did you?”

She let her eyes travel up and down Roy’s frame. A few years had done him alright in the maturing category. Still had that bright red hair and his green eyes, but now he had some muscles on those long arms, and a rather attractive red moustache. She liked the muscles better though. “Not yet. Did you?”

He shook his head. “Nope, sure didn’t, the only girl I ever wanted went east. Broke my heart into a thousand pieces.”

She gave him an easy smile, then nodded toward the house. “Seen Mom and Dad lately?”

“Sure, when they come into town. You know to the feed store or once in a while they’ll hit the diner. They’ll sure be tickled to death to see you.”

“They know I’m coming. I’m just a day early.”

He shook her hand, tipped his hat, “I gotta get on, been great to see you again Billie.”

She cocked her head, “Oh you’ll be seeing me, Roy. I’m home to stay this time.”

“No kiddin’?”

“Yep. I heard Chief Lovell is looking for another Deputy. I’m interviewing as soon as I see Mom and Dad.”

Roy stumbled back a half step. “No kiddin’?”

“Sure am. Of course I’m not just another Deputy. I come with a pedigree.”

“And experience.”

“And experience.” Billie tossed a wink, then slid into the drivers seat of her fire-engine red, one month old Corvette.

Roy moved to her window, bent low and leaned on the door, "Be alright to have a Weston in the department again. We all miss your dad. Sheriff Lovell tried real hard to keep him from retiring last year."

Gently, Billie used the tips of her fingers to brush Roy's arm from her door and smiled. "New car. Well Roy, if the Sheriff will have me I'll do my best to live up to my father's reputation. Of course you'll remember, I do things a little different than Dad."

Backing away Roy nodded. "We do remember." He dropped to one knee. "You… ah, wanna go for dinner tonight? Wednesday night, all you can eat spaghetti at Martha's."

"Roy, I haven't even been home yet." She let him have her flirtiest head tilt and eye roll. "Of course, if you're still so easily compromised, I could meet you at Martha's for an early lunch. After I visit with the folks a bit."


"I've been gone awhile, and I'm sure there are a few things that might be helpful to have in my back pocket before I meet with Sheriff Lovell. After all, I am a Weston and my Dad always said, "Preparation is the key to success."

"Really? I never heard him say that."

"Well, he could have. Martha's? Eleven sharp?"

Looking at his watch Roy nodded. "Yea, eleven. I can do that, but I gotta run. Get to Salado County, grab that prisoner and hustle on back here to do all the paperwork. Yea I'll see you at Martha's… Been a while since I've been ... compromised."

Billie revved the Vette and winked, "Get used to it. I think I'm gonna be your partner.

She watched him in the side mirror as she drove away, nice and slow so as not to raise any dust that would want to settle on her car. She always liked Roy, but not quite the same way he'd always liked her. From tenth grade on, he'd had a crush on her. Good old Roy, he'll probably be on the radio before he's out of sight telling Sheriff Lovell that Billie Weston is back and he has a date with her. That's alright, she'd let him have his coup.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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  1. You're such a good writer. That story just pulled me right in, Dutch. I still have your book in my TBR pile, just haven't gotten to it yet. Now I better giddyup and read it.

    1. Thanks Patti!! Yes please read "We'll Have The Summer!" I promise a wonderful love story.

  2. I want to see where you go with this. I'm intrigued. So many good crime story elements already on display. Write on, right now.

    1. Well thank you Betsy! Your opinion is VERY important to me! Thanks for reading!

  3. Love it!!! You're writing is so easy to read, Dutch!!