Monday, February 22, 2016

"What I See"

Howdy Friends!
My mare Kessy looking to me, and all of us ...
When I look at a horse I see the horse it can be, wants to be. Somehow I look right beyond the stiffness, lacking posture or inverted body carriage ... Much like a sculptor who looks at a chunk of granite and chips away all the tiny pieces hiding the beauty of the masterpiece that lays hidden beneath. The artist sees the beauty from the inside out, and reveals it to the world. That is how I see every horse I meet, and I know by chipping away at the stiffness, unbalanced body carriage and uncertainty ... we can reveal and empower the beauty, grace and splendor that lay inside yearning to be free. It’s not about training–it is about freedom and comfort of confident movement. ~
Gitty Up, Dutch.