Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"I Love ... "

Howdy Friends! 
Kessy Loving our front yard

Watching Kessy stroll among Ravishin’ Robbie’s flowers this morning I’m reminded of all I love ... I love my Robbie, daughter and grandbabies. I love my mare, our dogs, kitties and our wonderful peaceful life. I love birds singing, spring wildflowers, butterflies, moss, streams that babble and summer breezes, and snow. I love stars at night, fireflies, whippoorwills calling, hot dogs smothered in fixin’s, ice cream, and God. I love our country, the many friends I’ve been blessed with. I love a quiet morning, and a stormy night. I love long wondering slow trail rides through brush, bramble and stream. I love the smell just after a summer rain, and brownies baking. And smiles. Oh my there is so much to love, take some time everyday and think about all you love, it'll warm you. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.