Friday, May 24, 2013

"Feature Friday-David Lichman's-Benefit Tour-Horses Healing Humans"

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A North American tour to benefit equine-assisted programs and youth organizations coast to coast! What a fantastic adventure! Master horse trainer David Lichman will be touring this summer performing with his personal horses for the first time in his 25 year career of helping people and their horses achieve extraordinary results.
Julio and David doing the Spanish Walk, at liberty ...
Beginning August 9, in Moscow, ID, and continuing on to 9 cities across the country and Canada, David and his 3 horses, Julio, Thirteen and Scotty will perform their "Horses~At~Liberty~Musical~Magical~Educational," a Friday evening extravaganza of dancing, playing and riding, demonstrating the remarkable bond that can be realized with a horse. David will also conduct a 2 day clinic on each Saturday and Sunday helping folks to understand how to achieve this bond with their own horse.
Julio, Thirteen, Scotty and David dancing magically...
Many people know David as a 5 Star Parelli trainer, who is devoted to helping horses and their people achieve the best possible partnerships. Driven by a passion to help folks and their horses, David has traveled the world hosting clinics and teaching ... Not as many people know of David's commitment to help children, and grown folks who, for whatever the reason or circumstance, can benefit from an equine connection.

It was while watching his daughter, some years ago, volunteering at an Equine Assisted Therapy Center, that he first realized the healing magic that lives within the horse. He'd always been keenly aware of the connection between human and horse, but this day, watching a young autistic girl smile for the first time in her life while sitting a horse, David felt a new dimension of that healing. He was never able to forget the feeling that moment gave him. Quietly, over the years, David has helped promote equine assisted therapy and often wondered how he might do more.
David leading the dance ...
While planning and scheduling this fabulous and exciting summer tour he had a thought. What if at each tour stop he featured someone from a local equine assisted organization as a special guest? That thought grew and grew. What if they not only featured them, but helped raise much needed operating funds for them? So in association with the Parelli Education Institute, David came up with a strategy to donate fifty percent of the proceeds to the marvelous equine organizations devoted to helping others. It is his hope to raise between $10 and $20,000.

To see the tour schedule follow this link -

Tickets are only $15 in advance ~ Children under 12 Free!

To watch a video of the magic Friday night show follow this link -

If you're close to one of the 9 locations of this magical tour, be sure to sign on! What a wonderful way to build on the relationship with your horse while you're helping others build smiles.

Thank you David for all you do to help others, you are changing lives. Horses and humans.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"A Weekend of Healing The Horses Who Heal Others at Verde View Equestrian Center"

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Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of conducting a 2 day Horse Therapy Event at Verde View  Equestrian Center (VVEC) in Harpursville NY. Saturday was for the therapy horses, instuctors and volunteers; Sunday was open to neighbors and friends as a fund raiser. While the Therapy For Therapy horses clinic is tailored to hard working Therapy Horses, these release and relax exercises are wonderful for all horses.
The Healing Place at Verde View
 VVEC is a lovely farm nestled in the mountains of south central NY offering equine assisted therapy to children with a wide variety of health situations. The barn is beautiful, safe and inviting. With 2 PATH certified instructors, a host of hard working volunteers, wise and careful horses, the atmosphere at the farm is one of healing, understanding and love. Whether you're in the indoor arena where the horses do their magic, or the spacious gathering room where families can watch through a wall of windows, or strolling the lovely grounds surrounding the barn, the feeling of welcome, peace and healing embrace you.

The feeling of well being at VVEC extends to, and embraces, the therapy horses, too. Lifelong horse women, Lori Piccrilli and her daughter Marissa always have the horses' best interest in mind and do provide the best of care, in every way.

Understanding that therapy horses have jobs which are demanding both physically and mentally, Lori and Marissa go to great lengths to ensure the horses' good health, happiness and contentment. Off duty the horses have room to roam, and relax. Included in the care giving horses' routine are regularly scheduled trail rides; a few volunteers sole responsibility is to ride the therapy horses though the beautiful mountains ... This is one thing I strongly recommend at my Therapy Horse clinics. And it is important to note, riding in the ring is not a form of relaxation for the Therapy Horses. Neither is standing in a stall.

Even understanding and implementing all the best of horse care practices, Lori was not quite satisfied with everything about her Therapy Horses. She noticed they sometimes seemed less eager to do their jobs. Little things like not standing still, or walking hesitantly or with short choppy strides, or offering a nip during therapy sessions told her all was not as it should be. Being an astute therapist, Lori knew these were signs of discomfort or pain and she began to search for solutions. So when she heard about my "Therapy For Therapy Horse" clinics she immediately contacted me. My clinics are designed to teach instructors and volunteers easy to do and learn exercises that release and relax the horse's body, promote proper body carriage and even clear their mind.

We gathered in the barn Saturday morning, the Therapy Horses, Lori, Marissa, volunteers, and a very friendly cat. We start without the horses. Well, without real horses, anyway. So that the volunteers and participants might fully appreciate the needs and benefits of the Therapy Horse exercises, we start first by role playing. We divide the group in pairs, and one person is the horse, the other the person, or rider. We do a few little exercises so each person can see, and feel, the world through the horse's perspective. When participants take turns riding each other, and the rider makes moves most riders will do, the gasps from the "Human Horse" are telling, as most people are shocked to learn what a horse feels, especially a Therapy Horse.
Instructors, volunteers, and Healing Horses gathered together as we start our exercises.
After I'd tired out the "human horses" we invited the real therapy horses to join us, and everyone did a terrific job learning a series of about a dozen easy exercises. What a fine time we had, eager questions, some laughs and stories, great efforts to learn how to do the exercises and wonderfully noticeable differences in the horses. Lori and Marissa commented how they noticed the new posture and strides of the horses. Lori even commented that she was surprised to learn all the horses were sore and needed this so much, because most of the horses had seemed just fine. "There is not a single horse who is not moving better and happier tonight," Lori said. She also told the group she could see how it not only benefited the horses of course, but also the quality of therapy the children would receive.

Sunday we had a brand new group of participants, friends and neighbors who wanted to learn the exercises for their trail horses. We had just as much fun, lots of great learning, too. Also included in the Sunday group were 2 of therapy horses who had been through the clinic on Saturday. Lori and Marissa were working with them ... Important to share with you here, is that these two horses have significant old injury issues, and could never stand still, and always nipped the leader. Sunday morning, after just Saturday's clinic, they both stood quietly, ground tied, and never once tried to nip.
Moxie, who could not stand still Saturday was so relaxed on Sunday we thought he fell asleep.
Lori and her husband Ray took such great care of me all weekend, showing me the sights of the mountain, town and a great restaurant! Their boys, Jonathan and Ryan are simply a delight to be with. And of course I whooped up on Ray in chess!
I was explaining something ...
Thank you Lori and everyone at Verde View for caring this much about your horses! What a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to go back!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Coming Home-Pt-5"

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On April 9, I posted the first installment of "Coming Home" and then followed with Pt 2, on April 10 and Pt 3 on April 11 …Pt 4 on May 8 … A few folks have asked for more, so here ya go. I'll take you to the end of Chapter 2. … We'd left Billie at the accident scene trying to make sense of the mess.  

You can find Pt 4 here which will also have links to all the previous segments…                                        Coming Home – Pt 5

"We'll see. While I agree with that, I must point out I take my orders from Sheriff Lovell. He told me to handle this." She pointed to the Coroner's car. "That's my Coroner. He'll do as I say." She started away then turned back, "Lieutenant, I'm sure you've got your own paperwork to do, why not get a head start on it while I examine the scene." She signaled Hector away and went to Roy.

She knelt beside her High School friend, shut out everything else, battled with the hot tears that tried to sting her eyes. She was glad she'd spent time surveying the scene from up on the rise. It helped her now that she had to look at Roy's face close up. At least she knew, without a doubt, he'd put up a hell of a fight. A fight for what? Obviously whoever did this, did it to free the prisoner Roy was transporting back to Hondo County. He'd lost his prisoner, but he'd killed one of theirs, too.

She pulled her tablet and wrote a note. - Why did they leave their man? Thought a second then added - They'd know we'd identify him-- Is that what they wanted? - Why?

From up there she'd put together what happened. Somehow the dump truck had managed to get close enough to Roy's car to ram it and shove it off the road. For whatever reason, Roy left his vehicle to do battle. Maybe to draw fire away from his prisoner.

The other dead man laying only a few feet from Roy didn't have a gun. Roy still clutched his own revolver. She stood and looked through the broken windshield. His shotgun lay on the front seat. She counted five spent shells strewn about it. She looked back at Roy. It looked like three wounds to the chest. Careful not to step on any empty casings she moved to the other dead man. He was lying on his stomach. The only wound she could see, without turning him, was in the back of his head. She looked at Roy, he couldn't have shot him. The dead man must have been shot by his own people. Accident? Maybe. She wrote it in her tablet.

She counted the empty casings, five from Roy's thirty-eight. Five from his twelve gauge. And a little farther from the car and dump truck, twenty-six, from various weapons.

Satisfied with her own notes, and Hector's photography, she gave the okay to the Coroner to take the bodies. She helped them load Roy.

******- End of Chapter 2 

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