Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Waltz With Your Horse"

Howdy Friends,

I like to talk to people who care about horses.

People who truly care, not for what the horse can do for them, but for how being with a horse can enrich their lives, and therefore they strive to do everything with their horse—for their horse.

People who put their horse first, the horse’s point of view, they ask “what’s in it for the horse,” and strive to see their relationship from the horse’s perspective. For those folks ribbons, winning, controlling and being boss are unimportant. It is the horse’s true contentment, health and well being that come first. And the magical thing about that approach, and horse and person relationship, is those folks win the most ribbons, have the most fun—and the least problems, health issues and relationship issues.

This past weekend I was in heaven conducting a clinic in northern VA with a group of folks who really do put their horses first. That’s why they came to my “It’s for the Horses” clinic, for their horses. They didn’t come to learn to “teach their horses to, do this or that,” they came to learn how to “give to their horses.” Because each of them understood how much their horses mean to them. They understood how much their horses give to them.

Their wanting to be there for their horses was abundantly obvious in the way each of them wanted to master every exercise before moving on. They wanted to know they got it; they wanted to see the change in their horses. They sought the softness, the healthy posture, the healthy body carriage.

They noticed as their own movements changed from a Quick-Step to a Viennese Waltz. Their horses noticed too. They soon realized that their horses noticed and thanked them. They loved and commented on the fact that they saw their horses changing. I loved seeing them change, the horses and their people.

I’ve done a lot of clinics, and I’ve loved meeting all those many horses and people. I live to see, and help create the changes in horses—and their people. It’s my passion. The wonderful people I had the pleasure of being with this weekend were among the most caring it’s ever been my privilege to work with, and their horses showed it. I was truly in heaven.

I love to be with people who care about horses.

If you’d like to participate in a Dutch Henry “It’s for the Horses” clinic and Waltz With Your Horse ... please email me dutchhenry@hughes.net

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry