Friday, May 30, 2014

"I'm Back – But Where Have I Been?"

Howdy Friends! – Didn't know if I was going to write about this or not, but we have so many good friends who enjoy our Coffee Clutch who may not be on Facebook and might be wondering what has happened to our blog … So here goes, and I'll try to keep it brief … Haha – 
Kessy ran to me nickering when I got home
On Good Friday I had a heart attack, actually now that I know what a heart attack is, I've been having them for some time. But this one knocked me down. Ravishin' Robbie and I were in the barn and I had to sit down. Soon, as it always had, the pain and wooziness passed and I tried to brush it off. Robbie didn't. Let me say here, if you're experiencing any symptoms, go get it checked out, you just might save yourself the nightmare of going through open heart surgery, I wish I had.

Even though I have a condition that gives me constant chronic pain in my back, legs, arms and hands, the pain of the first few weeks after surgery was like nothing I'd ever experienced, or want to again. I was told had I looked into this long ago I could most likely have avoided this surgery, so I'm telling you to be mindful. You don't want this, trust me. I'd always attributed my heart symptoms to my chronic condition, for which there is no relief, so I never bothered to get checked out. I implore you to not make the same mistake.

Saturday after my incident I felt poorly overall, but I often experience that too, and disregarding Robbie's urging to go to the hospital, I just rested. Sunday, still not back on my feed, I went for a ride, and sure enough the ride, Kessy's wonderful attitude and gait helped me to feel better, but I was really tired and weak. Sunday evening I told Robbie we'll go to the doctor on Monday.

When we called for an appointment they said, "Don't come here, go to the emergency room." We did, and there they confirmed a heart attack, and trucked me to the Lynchburg Cardiac Care Unit, which happens to be in the top 10 in the nation. The catheterization test showed 4 really blocked arteries, 2 of them 100%, the other 2 only in the 90s, several more in the 70s – no stints for me.

Because of blood complications surgery had to wait a week, but they kept me right there under watchful eyes. My doctor said I was about a month away from, the heart attack that would turn my lights out. So I was going nowhere. The nurses, doctors and everyone there are so wonderful, caring and professional. Every minute I was cared for so marvelously, before and after my surgery.

We did put a few posts on Facebook, and I received so many beautiful cards my room looked like a Hallmark store! Nurses and doctors would come in for daily counts! I want to thank everyone for those cards, gifts and prayers. They really helped me endure those terrible first painful days post surgery. I could feel the magic of the prayers.

I've been home for 3 weeks, the first 2 weeks were really rough, for me and Robbie, too … but each day sees improvement. Unfortunately it'll be 3 more months before I can ride again, but Kessy's lovin' on me and I can brush her now, gently. Our friend Chris Cooper is riding her a little for exercise, calls Kessy a Cadillac … Chris also took care of all the chores here while Robbie was at the hospital, and the first weeks I was home. Thank You, Chris!

Still not sure how much I'll be posting for the next little while, but I felt I owed an explanation of my absence. I treasure each of you who take the time to read what I write, know that your friendship is important to Robbie and me. I will be polishing/editing "Tom Named By Horse" these next weeks/months as I get my strength back and I'll get it published as soon as I can, hopefully by fall. I'll continue to post excerpts from time to time. If you've not yet read any "Tom Named By Horse" excerpts CLICK HERE to read Pt 1-

God Bless you all, thanks for your friendship! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch Henry