Friday, November 29, 2013

Feature Friday – Family, Friends, Love and Helping

Howdy Folks,

On this day after Thanksgiving I think it's wholly appropriate to think of love, helping, family and friends. Family is the backbone, the structure, the spirit of who we are. But by family I don't mean to suggest mom, dad, brother, sister and so on only. Family, for folks who understand love and helping is much broader than that.
From the roots and strength our families give us, we can reach out to help others. Perhaps we've never met, and never will meet them, but they are family, and we know them, hear them, and love them. Animal and human. And we want to help them.
Sometimes it's an adoption. Sometimes it's a donation. Sometimes we volunteer at a hospital, a nursing home, a rescue or therapeutic riding center. Sometimes we just call someone in the hospital, or nursing home. Sometimes we send cards, photos or gifts. Always help is offered. Love is given. Support and kindness is given – and felt.
Kessy and Dutch writing about "People & Horses Helping Horses & People"
On this day after Thanksgiving we thank all those who hear the calling to share love, healing and encouragement.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coming Home - Pt-9

Howdy Folks,

On April 9, 2013 I posted the first installment of "Coming Home" and then followed with Pt 2, on April 10, Pt 3 on April 11, Pt 4 on May 8, Pt 5 on May 21, Pt 6 June 18, and Pt 7, July 31, Pt 8, Oct 15... If you're just joining us you can find Pt 1 (HERE), and each segment has a link to the next (If you'd like to revisit Pt 8 CLICK HERE) … In Pt 8 we left Billie and Hector alongside the road at the second crime scene of the day … I hope you'll enjoy this next installment.
Kessy, Saturday & me - writin' in the barn
Coming Home - Pt-9
She put her hand on his shoulder and gave her most assuring smile, "Hector, why don't you call me, Billie? After all we are equals, quite possibly going to be partners." She had a pang of guilt for saying that last part. Poor Roy was supposed to be her partner and he died before they ever worked together.

"Billie," he tried it out. Shook his head. "No, I do not think Billie sounds right. I think I will stay with Miss Weston. If you approve, Miss Weston."
"I approve, and I don't mean any disrespect when I call you Hector. Hector."
"Hector was my grandfather's name. It is a good name."
"Okay then, Hector, now that we know who we are, let's go examine our second crime scene for the day. I could have stayed in Nashville if I wanted to be this busy."
The car was nothing worth looking at out here, and even if she wanted to, it was still too hot. But the body, way on the far side of the road, that called for her attention. She outpaced Hector and squatted next to the body dressed in an above average looking suit, lying face down, almost comfortable looking. Her eyes were drawn immediately to the little patch of dried blood beside the dead man's face. Then she saw the little dark red, almost black spot in the back of his head. Just like the wound Juan del Paso had. And exactly the same location. She would roll him over, to look at his face. But she already knew who it would turn out to be. Andrew 'Quiet Man' Kent. She shook her head, well he's a quiet man now alright.
Hector rolled him, then looked at Billie with a big question mark on his face.
"I know," she said. "Why go to all that bother, kill Roy, kill Juan, just to bring him way out here, and shoot him too?" Billie rocked back, then sat on the road. One of the firefighters called out.
"Could you go see what they want?  I need to think about this."
"Sure Miss Weston," Hector said and started away.
Billie's phone rang. She looked at the screen.
"Hello Sheriff ... Yes, we're here. How's the family holding up?"
"It's rough. Been in law enforcement twenty-five years, never had anything strike in my own back yard before. Mary … Well the doctor gave her something, she's asleep now. Wish I was." He stopped, Billie could hear him sob. After a second he started again, "I don't feel much like this Sheriff crap anymore."
"I understand." Billie said.
"Oh Christ, Billie. I can't focus. I wanted to say, your Mom and Dad are on their way here. He called about ten minutes ago, I tried to talk him out of it, but your father's a determined man when he … Anyway what the hell did I want to say?"
"Ask about this mess I suppose."
"Yea that's it. What happened, a bad wreck?"
"Under the circumstances, I wish I didn't have to tell you now, but, we found the prisoner Roy was transporting." She paused, but not long enough for Sheriff Lovell to speak. "He's the dead man on the road in your phone call. Shot, small caliber, in the base of the skull. Just like Juan del Paso. Why would someone spring him, to kill him a few hours later?"
She heard the Sheriff take a long breath, then a few steps.
"I'm trying to think. Listen Billie, if I hand this to you. What are your plans. I mean, I don't think I can handle this tonight. Understand?"
"Completely. You take all the time you need. Right now, I'll call the coroner and have Deputy Montoya wait for him. I was planning to visit Sara Muguara tonight. If I get bogged down tomorrow I might call Under-Sheriff Calhoun. Thought about the State Police, but you want to keep it home-grown. Honestly though Sheriff, I think it is more than a local crime."
"Dale Calhoun is a hard man to get along with, but you go ahead. I gotta go. Sit down … But you tell me everything every step of the way."
"Sheriff, who called you? How'd they get your home number, or your cell?"
A long pause, then, "I'm… don't know."
      Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry