Friday, January 22, 2016

"Snowy Day Read"

Howdy Friends,

Snowed in? Gonna get snowed in? Forgive me for making an unapologetic push for my book. But what could be better than a good read, a quest that whisks you away, thrusts you into an adventure, or sweet love, or read about understanding horses, while nestled inside watching the windblown snow. All my books are available on Amazon Kindle here, ... You can start reading right now! “We’ll Have the Summer,” a love story that I promise will grip your heart. “Tom Named by Horse,” an adventure that you’ll long remember. “It’s for the Horses; An advocate’s musings about their needs, spirit, gifts and care,” even if you don’t have horses I promise you’ll love the thoughts provoked, if you do enjoy horses in your life it may awaken new ideas and attitudes for you and your horse. Enjoy the snow, stay safe, and I hope you’ll have a read—or three.

Gitty Up, Dutch.