Friday, August 18, 2017

Dr Thomas Eased my Pain & can Help You Too

Howdy Friends!
You’ve seen me write about Dr Thomas and his healing ability for our horses with Contemporary Chinese Herbalism, but now I have a story to tell about how he is helping me. A few close friends know how I struggle with managing my back, leg and hand pain – most of you don’t, as I tend not to talk about it. It is what it is. And it’s been my lifelong unkind companion. You see I was born with 2 conditions, neurofibromatosis and acromegaly. They created what we used to call birth defects, each in their own way. I have among other things a twisted pelvis, spinal issues; nerve and bone, hands and shoulder blades formed wrong. I can’t remember not hurting somewhere. On the farm where I was farmed out on at 9 (dropped off like an unwanted cat and was put to work for my keep; I had no childhood) they always told me I was lazy. I believed them, I didn’t know then that everybody didn’t hurt like I did in my back and legs. Enough back story, but to properly credit Dr Thomas, you needed to know.
I can once again do my morning chores, thanks to the pain relief Dr Thomas gave me.
As I got older the issues became more and more bothersome, painful. I’ve walked with a cane for about 25 years now. From my shoulder blades to my hip there are almost no disks, my hands hurt so badly everything now is an effort. Some of you may have read stories I wrote over the years about Equine Assisted Therapy, there is a rooted reason I have a fondness in my heart for those special horses and people. I ride so I can walk, numerous doctors have said without the core strength riding creates I’d surely not be walking. In recent years I’ve ridden when I didn’t really want to, but I had to. 

Now let’s talk about Dr Thomas, and why I’m writing this. I’m writing this for you, my friends, to help you understand how he can help you, as he has me. Anyone who knows anything about Dr Thomas and his company “For Love of the Horse,” understands he can help horses truly heal from a wide variety of ailments. He healed my Kessy from both Heaves and Lyme. And I’ve seen many other horses he’s healed. He is the world’s foremost authority on Contemporary Chinese Herbalism, you can find his credentials and much more on their website .. What most folks don’t know is he began his practice treating and curing humans for over 25 years. Then he began healing horses when his wife’s horse had been given a death warrant by 3 veterinarians for founder. He swung into gear and saved her, that was nearly 15 years ago and she is still thriving today.
As I mentioned not too many folks today know he can, and will, heal humans, but I did because the first story I wrote about him for Natural Horse Magazine I learned it in the interview. And wrote about it. Some 8 months ago my back, leg and hand pain had gotten so severe I became unable to function. Even sitting or laying was no relieve. I was forced to purchase hospital grade sheepskins just to find any comfort sitting or laying. Robin had to assume the chores, I could not manage to move around. I’ve been on a spiral down for years but a sharp decline had begun about a year ago, or longer. Eventually it simply shut me down. No relief could be found with our family doctor or specialists, though we tried. Eventually I was taking as many as a dozen advil a day! And still not much help.

So one day I decided I’d ask Dr Thomas for help. I knew him well now, have become friends and written much about him and for him, but had never said a thing about my personal issues. I wish now I had! Long before this! I had no clue if he could help me, but I’d seen horses he’d cured from arthritis (I have no arthritis, all my issues come from nerve compression from the spinal deformities and bone on bone pain and something he called “referred pain”) and other structural issues so I thought, perhaps.

Dr Thomas was surprised at my condition, and eager to help. After a very long series of questions, conversation and reasoning he assured me he could indeed offer some help and relief. He formulated a Chinese Herbal blend he called my, “upper and lower spine degeneration,” and I had it in 3 days!

I was sure excited the day they arrived! The excitement was short lived – they tasted awful! However I mixed them in 2 ounces of water as directed, took them 3 times a day … And on the third day I began to notice a change in my pain! He had asked me not to take Advil after starting the herbs as they would interfere so I didn’t. My blend has a strong anti-inflammatory component which began to work quickly. It is difficult to explain how much better I felt within a week.

After taking Dr Thomas’ formulation for about a month I was riding with my friend Chris, when we got back to the barn and I stepped down from the saddle I was overwhelmed with a startling sensation. I could feel the bottoms of my feet. Something I’d not felt in 20 years! It was wonderful and shocking!

I continued to take the his herbal formulation and things continued to improve. In a few more weeks I noticed my legs not only had lessened in pain, but felt stronger too! I wrote Dr Thomas and told him that fact. He responded, “I am not surprised that your legs are getting stronger – I placed an herbal group in your spinal formula that very, very few physicians of Contemporary Chinese Medicine are aware of. If there are a handful of us in the US that know about the pharmacological actions, related to bone strength/function, of these herbs I would be most astounded. I know of this "lost/new" information from my beloved, illustrious teacher Dr. Leon Hammer, MD through his teacher, the late great Dr. John HF Shen, considered the greatest physician of Chinese Medicine for at least the last four centuries. Trauma rooms in China all make sure to keep these herbs in supply to treat bone fractures, breaks, diseases of the bone.....One of their primary care functions is to develop strength of/in the bone, recover bone strength.”

Friends I’ve been taking Dr Thomas’ formulation for over 3 months now and while I will always have some issues that come with my conditions, the back and leg pain has been vastly reduced. Haven’t taken an Advil in months. My balance has improved, my ability to function has been restored to a level I’ve not enjoyed in some time – and I’m doing my chores again. Yes if I do something exertive for more than an hour or so I’ll get all stove up and need a day or so to recover, but just living life and being careful I can be nearly pain free. I still need my cane to walk, but now I can do that again. My hands, while somewhat improved seem not to want to totally get with the program, hoping more time on the herbs will help them too.

I share this story with you so that you might know, perhaps you can be helped by the wonderful Dr Thomas too. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any issue, (or your horse does) he is truly a rare blessing. And Thank You Dr Thomas for all you do.

~ Gitty Up, Dutch.