Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Dr. Thomas Cures Kessy’s Heaves"

Howdy Friends!
Kessy and me.
Well Kessy has had a rough winter and spring, but thanks to Dr Thomas, she is all better now. I share story this in the hopes some will find it useful.

I’ve written about Dr Thomas several times. Recognized as this country’s foremost Chinese Herbalist he practices Contemporary Chinese Herbalism, and heals many people, horses and dogs worldwide. For Kessy’s Lyme disease issues, it is my protocol to administer one round of Dr Thomas’ Total Immune Health each spring to boost her immune.

About 2 years ago Kessy had developed a transient cough, so I began steaming her hay, and continue to. That stopped the cough and the rare short breaths went away too. But late this winter her cough came back, I steamed the hay longer. I have her teeth done each February and as her coughing seemed to happen while eating, I blamed the teeth and had her done. It did indeed seem to help. But in a few days the cough returned. By the end of February she was coughing 4 or 5 times a day; these were real coughing spells of 5 to 10 coughs. I noticed her respiration rate was poor sometimes throughout the day, but mostly acceptable. For some time now her breathing had gone through little spells where that happened but quickly improved to normal, so I figured it was doing the same.

As most of our rides are less than 2 hours and largely at a walk, I noticed no problems there either ... Until our last ride February 28, when she coughed several times. I didn’t notice shortness of breath, but now know she must have had. That night she woke us with a coughing fit that lasted an hour! I stood with her in near panic administrating TTeam Touch circles. Her breathing deteriorated very quickly over the next days. Her respiration at rest was well into the twenties. Sometimes as high as 40.

The first week of March I’d started her on Dr Thomas’ Total Immune Health and figured that would fix it. I found out a few days later that while part of Doc’s protocol to heal Heaves is his Total Immune Health, it won’t heal it alone. By now Kessy was coughing nearly every hour. I spoke to Doc and after a very comprehensive questionnaire he indeed diagnosed Heaves and shipped his Heaves Formula immediately. At this time, early March, Kessy’s reparation was always in the thirties. She coughed while eating, laying down, rolling and other times. Her breath, shallow and short.

Within days of starting Doc’s Heaves formula her breathing began to improve, her coughing spells were cut in half the first week. By the end of the second week of Doc’s treatment her respiration was in the twenties and she coughed about 3 to 5 times a day. I kept a journal and documented every coughing spell and respiration rate 4 times a day. Then we stalled, and even slipped back. She had 2 very bad relapses.

I sent detailed reports to Doc weekly, and he responded. After the second relapse he formulated a special blend for Kessy.

Now here we need to be sure you understand, what Doc’s pharmaceutical grade herbal blends do is “heal” not mask or manage. I have known folks whose horses have heaves for years and typical treatments are ongoing and never heal, and that was not what I wanted for Kessy. Doc explained we were indeed “healing” her bronchial passage ways and capillaries in her lungs and more, and it would take time. But would indeed heal her.

With the new blend beginning in early April she improved remarkably. Within the first week her coughs were single quiet coughs and only once or twice a day. Her at-rest respiration was in the low twenties. We began short rides mid April, no coughs.

Today we are still on full protocol of treatments, Total Immune Health and Kessy’s Special Cough Formula. She has not coughed a single time since April 28; her respiration is 14 to 16 at rest. Through these past weeks we’ve had days of 80+ temps and “high pollen” alerts, nothing has fazed Kessy.

We’ve begun riding again last week, no coughs nor any short breaths. Yesterday we rode for 2 hours, all was perfect. Kessy even insisted on a few canters and some gaiting. Post ride her respiration was 44, within 10 minutes, it was 18. It was a very warm day too, 84 degrees.

I was truly amazed 2 things. How quickly Kessy deteriorated. And how well Dr Thomas’ blends, and knowledge, can truly heal, not mask and manage. Yes there will be more treatments but only for a little longer, then she’ll be all better. I will though, always steam her hay, many benefits to that.

Hope you find this little story thought provoking and helpful.

You can find Dr. Thomas here www.forloveofthehorse.com He truly is a healer.

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry.