Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Coming Home-Pt-5"

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On April 9, I posted the first installment of "Coming Home" and then followed with Pt 2, on April 10 and Pt 3 on April 11 …Pt 4 on May 8 … A few folks have asked for more, so here ya go. I'll take you to the end of Chapter 2. … We'd left Billie at the accident scene trying to make sense of the mess.  

You can find Pt 4 here which will also have links to all the previous segments… http://dutchhenry.blogspot.com/2013/05/coming-home-pt-4.html                                        Coming Home – Pt 5

"We'll see. While I agree with that, I must point out I take my orders from Sheriff Lovell. He told me to handle this." She pointed to the Coroner's car. "That's my Coroner. He'll do as I say." She started away then turned back, "Lieutenant, I'm sure you've got your own paperwork to do, why not get a head start on it while I examine the scene." She signaled Hector away and went to Roy.

She knelt beside her High School friend, shut out everything else, battled with the hot tears that tried to sting her eyes. She was glad she'd spent time surveying the scene from up on the rise. It helped her now that she had to look at Roy's face close up. At least she knew, without a doubt, he'd put up a hell of a fight. A fight for what? Obviously whoever did this, did it to free the prisoner Roy was transporting back to Hondo County. He'd lost his prisoner, but he'd killed one of theirs, too.

She pulled her tablet and wrote a note. - Why did they leave their man? Thought a second then added - They'd know we'd identify him-- Is that what they wanted? - Why?

From up there she'd put together what happened. Somehow the dump truck had managed to get close enough to Roy's car to ram it and shove it off the road. For whatever reason, Roy left his vehicle to do battle. Maybe to draw fire away from his prisoner.

The other dead man laying only a few feet from Roy didn't have a gun. Roy still clutched his own revolver. She stood and looked through the broken windshield. His shotgun lay on the front seat. She counted five spent shells strewn about it. She looked back at Roy. It looked like three wounds to the chest. Careful not to step on any empty casings she moved to the other dead man. He was lying on his stomach. The only wound she could see, without turning him, was in the back of his head. She looked at Roy, he couldn't have shot him. The dead man must have been shot by his own people. Accident? Maybe. She wrote it in her tablet.

She counted the empty casings, five from Roy's thirty-eight. Five from his twelve gauge. And a little farther from the car and dump truck, twenty-six, from various weapons.

Satisfied with her own notes, and Hector's photography, she gave the okay to the Coroner to take the bodies. She helped them load Roy.

******- End of Chapter 2 

To continue you can read Pt 6 here - http://dutchhenry.blogspot.com/2013/06/coming-home-pt-6.html

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