Monday, October 12, 2015

"Dutch Henry Clinic at our little outfit-Oct 17

Howdy Friends!

Settin' the posts for the ring for our Dutch Henry clinic.
Gettin’ ready for our Dutch Henry clinic coming up this weekend, Oct 17 at our place. Mowed the field for the ring, camping, picnicking, and having fun with friends of like minds. This is one of the most beautiful places on our little outfit and will add serenity to our fun experience. We’ll have a fun time of learning and friendship for horses and their people. In a setting swaddled by the quiet, tenderness and power of nature we’ll explore and learn exercises that help our horses regain proper posture, body carriage, self awareness and confidence, and learn to hear our horses in new and exciting ways.
Camping area on our little outfit for Dutch Henry clinic attendees. So peaceful and relaxing there part of this clinic is the "slowing down" nature can offer us all.
And we'll end the day with a talk and demonstration on saddle fit by Larry Wilson, custom saddle builder extraordinaire! ... We’re all lookin’ forward to a swell time! The clinic is full but there is room for auditors.
The ring where learnin' happens sits among quiet watchful trees and surrounding field offers plenty of room for auditors, friends and spectators. The peacefulness here is part of the experience.

~ Gitty Up, Dutch Henry