Sunday, December 6, 2015

"It was a different kind of morning"

Howdy Friends,

It was a different kind of morning. I sat with my mare Kessy, today it was she and I. Too cold I reckon for Kitties to leave their snug nest in the hay mow, Saturday and Sadie had long wondered back to the house. 

Now it was Kessy and me. A few birds chattered at the feeder, the chickens who had ventured from the roost were somewhere not seen scratching in brush. It was just Kessy and me. Not even a train whistle sounded in the background. I poured my second cup and pondered the serenity of the moment, a man, his horse, a new day. A new day where frost floated from our breaths. A new day when our bond was all that mattered as together we greeted the morning. I thank God each morning, for each morning, and all that He bestows as I sit with my mare surrounded by our critters and the wonder of nature. It’s a blessing indeed to know and appreciate those wonders. It’s a blessing indeed to know the deep bond of a horse.

I often say a little prayer that all those who are blessed to have horses in their lives come to understand the true blessings they are, and that they can see them for the spirit they are, and put second their demands, pursuits and expectations—I ask that they see they are gifts from God ... I toasted Kessy, she sniffed the rising steam. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.