Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Susan Domizi—SOURCE Micronutrients"

Howdy Friends,

Yesterday I had the honor of interviewing Susan Domizi, innovator, entrepreneur, and a woman of vision. Over 40 years ago she founded SOURCE(R) Micronutrients, a seaweed-based supplement supplying the micronutrients so lacking in today’s foods, plants and so necessary for optimum health. My full story will appear in my Holistic Hall Of Fame column in the July/Aug/Sept issue of Natural Horse Magazine, and I thought I’d share excerpts here for our Coffee Clutch Friends.

How does a company stay in business forty years? Commitment to being the very best it can be in all aspects from product development, customer service, research, and most of all honesty. Honesty in everything they do for, and with, the products they produce, and the people, horses and animals they serve. At the core of SOURCE Micronutrients are founder Susan Domizi’s desire, pledge, and heart to produce the very best, highest quality, seaweed-based supplement possible with the God given nutrition in tack. Her commitment and diligence have become self evident in the health and longevity of those she serves. And the longevity of her company. 

From harvesting the many varied types of seaweed, to processing, to testing, packaging and shipping, and customer service, every detail is managed by the team. No products are purchased; everything is harvested, processed and packaged by SOURCE Micronutrients. A promise no other company can match. This absolute commitment to quality guarantee has been often recognized worldwide. From the very first bucket of SOURCE Micronutrients sold, a money back guarantee has been in place, with no regrets.

From the earliest days when Susan began formulating SOURCE she quickly learned there are vast differences in seaweed. Realizing that purchasing seaweed from mass suppliers and “mixing her own formulas” was not nearly good enough, it was certainly not reliable in any quality control standards she held, Susan set about learning the highest and best types of seaweed for each particular micronutrient, where it grew, and how to harvest. Today, and from the beginning, they stand alone as the only company to totally control each and every aspect of their seaweed-based product. From selection, to harvesting to drying, packaging, shipping and customer service it is all done by the Source team. 

But what are micronutrients and why should you care, or feed seaweed to your horse? Today’s farmed, and even wild plant life, have been shown to be alarmingly low in micronutrients. Most vitamins and mineral supplements are as well. Essentially every metabolic process in the body requires micronutrients to function properly. It is impossible to achieve optimum health without adequate micronutrients. It is little wonder we are witnessing the proliferation of auto immune diseases in our horses, for instance the widespread occurrences of insulin resistant horses.

Longevity, not only the company has stood the test of time, but their products have too. And the horses who benefit from them have proven it. Several years ago a major feed company ran a campaign to find the oldest living horse to kick off its own, “senior feed.” The two horses proven to be the oldest in the country were both fifty years old. Both owners had been feeding SOURCE for decades. It truly makes a difference, a big and noticeable difference.

Our Holistic Hall of Fame column exists to honor and pay tribute to “Those individuals who have made a difference in the horse world, holistically.” Susan Domizi most certainly has. It is an honor to know her and celebrate her—and recommend SOURCE Micronutrients. She, her products and her company can and do make a difference, every day.

To learn more about this amazing woman, her team and the products they produce for our horses, pets and humans, please CLICK HERE to visit their website. You’ll be glad you did.

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Sounds Of Spring

Howdy Friends,

Coffee Clutch this morning offered the first bird song chorus of the season. Yea I know Spring is officially with us yet, but the weather is. Spring peepers have been peeping the past few evenings, and afternoons too. I reckon they are so excited they’re putting in extra shows! 
I settled into my chair next to Kessy, poured my first cup and toasted the morning. The woods around the barn danced with melodies, solos and quartets. A true concert of majesty and talent.

A pileated woodpecker pounded out a rhythm almost too fast to follow, then let go his, “yak, yak, yak, yak” single note tune. Cardinals sang their duo from high in opposing trees. Mr. blue bird from his perch added a soft trill, almost blending with the more lively robin. Phoebes sang softly, “Phoebe ... phoebe,” chickadees their little shuffle of chatter sounding almost like a strumming washboard.

Truly a concert in the wild, what a perfect way to start the day! We hope yours is perfect too!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry