Thursday, January 31, 2019


Howdy Friends!

My children’s book, “A DOG NAMED SATURDAY” is available on Amazon here ~ Young people of all ages are loving the happy time they spend with Saturday and his friends.

“A Dog Named Saturday” is devoted to children. I dedicate it to Saturday. But I wrote it for the children. Saturday was a kind loving beagle who never met anyone he didn’t like. And no children ever failed to fall in love with him. This book is written for children to feel that love, enjoy that love. The stories in this book offer fun, and gentle wisdom.

Our world renowned illustrator Tory Locker Palmer has created some of the finest illustrations I’ve ever seen. The pictures here are examples. She has a most wonderful talent for capturing the essence of every story in her pictures. I promise all of your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and yes you too will love her illustrations.

Enjoy this Excerpt from, “Saturday Carried His Love.” Saturday carried love with him wherever he went. Some dogs carry their toys. Some dogs carry their chewy bones. And some dogs carry their blankets. Saturday carried his love, “Because love is the most important thing to have with you, whenever you are where you are going,” he told Fluffernutter the day they went to find the biggest sun spot to lay in.
“Why?” Fluffernutter asked.
 “Well, not everybody has love all the time and everybody needs love all the time. So if I carry love with me all the time, then I can give some away.” Saturday said.
I hope you’ll go to Amazon here to bring Saturday home. Or order your autographed copy by emailing me,

Gitty Up, Dutch.