Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"We'll Have The Summer"

Howdy Friends!

I’d like to ask for your help ... As you may know Nov 19-Nov 22 I’ll be at the Equus Film Festival in NY as a featured author. Of course there will be many films and documentaries, full length, shorts and everything in between featured. There will be a lot of producers, screen writers, etc. there for sure. ... So here is the HELP I’m requesting ... If you have read “WE’LL HAVE THE SUMMER,” and believe it should be a movie, PLEASE email me a short note with your thoughts about the story and why you think it should be a movie. I know this is may be crazy , but who knows who I might meet there—and be able to show them your note?! ... my email is dutchhenry@hughes.net ... Together we may just make this happen! Please ask your friends too & share this post.

THANKS and Gitty Up, Dutch Henry!