Friday, May 10, 2013

"Feature Friday-Jessica Lynn and "Earth Song Ranch."

Howdy Folks,

Jessica Lynn's passion in life is to share with, as well as connect with and be a resource for, as many people as possible about the healthy, homeopathic, more natural, holistic way of life for horses, cats, dogs and their people.
 Jessica grew up living a natural and homeopathic life. Her mother was on the cutting edge of the organic and homeopathic lifestyle having discovered healthy living in the 1940's when she worked at a health food store. Jessica's mother met Adelle Davis, Dr Bronner, Dr Bernard Jensen and all of the people who in the 1950's and 1960's were the gurus of health and nutrition. She raised her children naturally and protected the health of her family with all she had learned.
Throughout her life Jessica continued, and continues, to live and learn and share with others, the homeopathic, holistic lifestyle for animals and their humans. She witnessed the healthfulness and healing it affords every living person and animal. Momentum continued to build within her to teach others the benefits and even necessities of homeopathy, proper nutrition and the holistic approach to living and healing.

In 1998 Jessica met a microbiologist who taught her about using probiotics and digestive enzymes for her horses, cats and dogs. Convinced of those remarkable benefits to animals, Jessica teamed up with Dr Anne Smith, a holistic vet out of Arizona, who was also a homeopathic vet and together they developed some of the main formulas they still use today at Earth Song Ranch for small animals, including K-9 and Kitty Zymes.
 Earth Song Ranch is Jessica's on line store for not only probiotic and digestive enzyme blends for horses, cats and dogs, but also a wide variety of homeopathic products and treatments for animals. This is just one way she reaches out and offers help to those seeking a more natural approach and holistic life for their animals

For advice, top quality products and consultations visit her website . You can also sign on there to receive her monthly newsletter, and I highly recommend you subscribe at ESR News or through her FB Fan page at this link  ESR Newsletter .

A longtime friend and student of Dr. Glenn Dupree, one of the country's leading homeopathic veterinarians who recently passed away, Jessica, along with Char Raby, are in the process of setting up a Yahoo group in his name where like minded folks can gather electronically to share advice, ask questions and learn more about homeopathy. Please contact Jessica and sign on to be part of that group which is going to launch in just a few weeks. 

Jessica is also a certified equine nutritionist and consultant and offers a service to review and make recommendations for your horse's diet. This is a very helpful and healthful program. As Jessica says, "All health begins with nutrition and a healthy gut, be it horse, dog, cat or human." Just email her your questions and information regarding your horse's health, diet and lifestyle to

Emails, consultations and education are another way Jessica helps others and their animals. Each day she receives over one hundred emails from customers and clients as well as folks just discovering the benefit of a natural path to health offers. "Please write me with any questions." Jessica invites. "It's my honor to help you help your horses and pets."
 Serving as the editor for Natural Horse Magazine's Newsletter is another area Jessica lends her talents to help animals. Visit Natural Horse Magazine here.

Thank you Jessica for all you do to help animals enjoy a healthier life!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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