Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tom Named By Horse – Author's Note

Tom Named By Horse – Author's Note

Howdy Friends,

As many of our friends know I'll be publishing "Tom Named By Horse" in January. I wanted to tell a love story set in a time of change, confusion and conflict. As the final edits and friend's reviews neared completion there were a few questions as to what were true historical facts and characters and who were my fictional characters ... To that end I wrote an author's note that will lead the readers into the story, and I thought it would be fun to share with our Coffee Clutch friends.  I hope you enjoy "A Note From Dutch Henry."

A note from Dutch Henry

This is an historical novel set in the late 1860’s in what is now known as the American Midwest. While most of the characters and locations are fiction some are actual locations, occurrences and historical figures. In some instances just the historical figure’s name is used and the stories and characters surrounding him are fiction. The historical figures are Chief Red Cloud, Bill Cody, Bill Hickock, General Sheridan, Chief Smoke, Chief Spotted Tail, Standing Elk, Chief Dull Knife, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Grandfather Mystery and Grandmother Earth.

Tom Named By Horse is, at its core a love story, and just as love can be powerful and at the same time confusing, so were the times just before what some refer to as the Great Plains Indian Wars. Parallels between Tom Named By Horse's awakening and brutal changes washing over the great plains weave together tell the story of a time of struggle, conflict and confusion. While most of the characters are fictional, the struggles, love, hate, confusion and desperation are true. Tom Named By Horse's birth on the day of Chief Red Cloud's powerful vision of this terrifying change sweeping over Grandmother Earth bind the two together in powerful ways.

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry