Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Control Lyme Disease & Maintain your Horse’s Immune System Forever."

Howdy Friends!

Lyme Disease is a horrible thing, and very difficult to “cure,” “manage” or “prevent.” But there is one thing we can do I personally know works, to manage this dreaded invader of soundness in our horses. All the Holistic Veterinarians, and doctors I’ve interviewed, or read, come back to the same opinion, “The best long term defense is a sound, super strong immune system.” So years ago I set about to find the best, most dependable and proven way to build the strongest possible immune system in my mare, Kessy, who had 5 years ago tested off the charts with Lyme. Yes first I did, and believe in, treat with doxycycline, and had seemingly satisfactory results, almost.
My mare, Kessy, enjoys a Lyme free life and powerful immune system thanks to my animal husbandry, and Dr. Thomas' "Total Immune Health" Chinese Herbal Blend. Do it for your horse.

I wanted long term protection and management. You see in all my research, and I did much, I found that when we treat with any antibiotics the mutated spirochetes feel the attack, and hide deep in the muscle tissue only to reemerge when the threat of antibiotics are gone, and in a newly morphological form. And each time they can attack another system, nerves, muscle, joints, organs. It is an ever-present threat, not to mention your horse could get a new flea bite any day.

So what to do? Again the best solution is a powerful, top notch, firing on all cylinders Immune System. That way no matter how the Lyme spirochetes awaken and attack, the horse can defend itself AND WIN. And it will.

It is also imperative we help our horses maintain a healthy immune system for many other reasons because most of the things we do to, and with our horses, deplete the horse’s immune – especially their ability to produce white blood cells. The very heart of the immune.

How do we injure our horse’s immune? Most everything we do, fly sprays, grains, over-vaccinations, chemical worming, stress from repetitive training, confinement to stalls and too small turnouts, too much grass, insufficient exercise, inadequate water, too little forage –and on and on. All these human induced differences to the equines’ echo system, diet and life style effects the horse’s ability to maintain in peak efficiency its immune system, and white blood cells which are the very soldiers of the immune defensive army.

I recommend and use Dr. Thomas’ “Total Immune Health Solution.”

I have a history that spans a number of years with Dr. Thomas and have seen the results in my own horse Kessy for IR, Heaves and Lyme. And have seen first hand the results in horses as I traveled about doing clinics. As to the white blood cell counts and his formulation, he has proven it in field trial case studies with before and after blood count tests. And shortly I’ll be writing about how he helped me personally with my severe chronic pain, too... I also recommend, and keep Kessy on a maintenance dose permanently of his “Total Immune Health.”

I’ve said here pretty much said all I can here, read on now in Dr. Thomas’ own words, and yes, he does write like a doctor, but you’ll enjoy!

“The culprit behind Lyme disease is Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterial infection that typically responds to antibiotics such as doxycycline. However, Borrelia burgdorferi can exist in a morphological form
known as a spirochete and is a form of ‘resistant’ bacteria that can evade antibiotics. The spirochete cells ‘communicate’ among themselves and ‘exchange information,’ an event that also occurs with other resistant bacteria. After doxycycline treatment, or the other antibiotics used for this infection, the horse's immune system is left seriously weakened. Once the antibiotics are out of the horse's system the spirochetes re-enter the previously infected ‘site.’

“The Lyme infection causes an immune ‘complex’ imbalance between the innate immune complex/system and the adaptive immune complex/system. Both of these immune complexes have different leukocytes (white blood cells) that work independently as well as synergistically with the adaptive immune system ‘jumping in’ to assist the innate immune system when it cannot effectively deal with the ‘invading ‘ infectious antigen...Lyme disease appears to actually suppress the body's natural white blood cells, that are critical to the innate immune system.

“It is common for horses in the later stages of Lyme disease to mount a poor immune response due to low white blood cell (leukocytes) counts as seen on blood chemistry CBC with Differential.

It is because of my Total Immune Heath Solution continued usage that brings about successful treatment of this virulent bacterial infection and following with maintenance dosage of this herbal blend keeps Lyme's from returning. The benefits of keeping your horse on Total Immune Heath Solution after successful treatment of an immune related disorder/problem begins with the maintenance of the ‘correct’ number and balance of mature healthy leukocytes (white blood cells). From this place your horse looks and feels healthy, happy and ‘prepared’ for any disturbance in their health. Total Immune Heath Solution is precisely formulated to stimulate the production of the specific leukocytes needed to fight off infection and keeps immune health with a maintenance dosage.” ~ Dr. Joesph Thomas, The world’s foremost authority on contemporary Chinese Herbalism.

I whole-heartedly recommend, and suggest, every horse owner who worries about Lyme, has treated their horse for Lyme, or simply wants to be assured their horse has a top notch immune system, put their horse on Dr. Thomas’ “Total Immune Health Solution.” And continue a maintenance dose year round. This herbal formulation works directly with the bone marrow to build leukocytes (white blood cells).

For your horse’s sake go to their website and have a look, and contact them. If your horse has, or has had, Lyme, put them on Dr Thomas’ Total Immune Health, and consider using it for all horses just to boost that immune, forever. I do for my Kessy. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.