Thursday, October 8, 2015

"We'll Have the Summer"

Howdy Friends,

“Her eyes traced every line of the solid wooden trunk. Sam had made it for them, for her and Callie. He painted it shiny red. Callie loved red. Red and silver. Mary always believed her daughter had gotten that from her because they were Mary’s favorite colors, too. She had to smile when she remembered sewing their costumes together, the three of them, Callie, Susan, and herself. Oh how Callie would fuss over each and every minute detail. Nothing could be less than perfect for that girl.

God, Callie looked beautiful in her costume. Through watery, stinging eyes, Mary stared at Callie. She was standing right there, in the tack room, fussing like she always did with the silver fringes on her vest. Then the vision evaporated.” ...  EXCERPT from my novel, “We’ll Have the Summer”

... I haven’t spoken much of “We’ll Have the Summer” recently and this morning having coffee with Kessy for no reason I can think of I thought of this scene in Chap 7, Mary ponders opening the long closed, not forgotten show trunk. “We’ll Have the Summer” has over 130 five star reviews on Amazon, if you’ve not yet read it I’d like to invite you to lose yourself in Mary and Sam’s love. And perhaps recommend to your friends ... If you have read it perhaps you’d enjoy spending time with them again. 

Gitty Up,
Dutch Henry

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