Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Posture and your horse’s emotions.

 Posture and your horse’s emotions.
This exercise is "one step" We ask the horse to take 1 step and pause holding correct off the forehand posture

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Posture is more important than training. When your horse’s posture and improper body carriage make it difficult, or impossible, for her to complete a requested task, that causes stress in the horse. Stress quickly transforms into balking, refusal, resentment, and finally chips away at the horse’s willingness and emotions. Not to mention their bond with their human. Especially when the human then resorts to mechanical devices to force the horse’s compliance – forcing the horse to push through stiffness and pain. As the horse’s emotions wither, the more the distant the bond. For this reason, I vigorously promote, and teach, simple to learn exercises I learned from my mentor Diane Sept, that we can do to perfect our horses’ posture and maintain correct and healthy body carriage – For the sake of horses emotions everywhere, and their bond with their humans. Sadly, widespread in the equine industry is the image, and acceptance of, incorrect and even painful posture, as correct. If you love your horse, if you want to excel at any equine activity, and have an honest bond with your horse, you’ll focus on correct, soft posture. Nothing you can do for your horse will make as much a difference in health, emotion and bonding. Feel free to contact me for help. (I’ll be doing a series of 4 clinics at Belmead Riding Club this year)~

 Gitty Up, Dutch.

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