Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Tom Named By Horse" Available Now!

Howdy Friends! ~ YeeHaw!! ... Tom Named By Horse is now available on Amazon! I’m sorry it took so long, but by golly here ya go! You can now ride through history and across the prairie with Tom, Soft Cloud, Buck, Chief Red Cloud, Buffalo Horn and the others.
Set just after the War Between The States and before what some refer to as the Plains Indian Wars it’s the story of tumultuous and harsh times. Tom Named By Horse is, at its core a love story, and just as love can be powerful and at the same time confusing, so were those times. Parallels between Tom Named By Horse's awakening and brutal changes washing over the great plains weave together telling the story of a time of struggle, conflict and confusion. While most of the characters are fictional, the struggles, love, hate, confusion and desperation are true. Tom Named By Horse's birth on the day of Chief Red Cloud's powerful vision of terrifying change sweeping over Grandmother Earth bind the two together in powerful ways.

EXCERPT~ The rolling grasslands spread before him as far as his eye could reach, as broad as the universe itself. Each rise gave way to the valley beyond. Every valley was the beginning of the next hill. Rain, falling hard from the hands of Grandfather Mystery, soaked Grandmother Earth.
Chief Red Cloud sat on his favorite war pony all that dark day, and allowed the skies to beat him with raindrops pounding like rocks. He had told his uncle, Chief Smoke, of his terrifying vision. With sad eyes he looked into the rain. Today Red Cloud knew even Grandfather Mystery could not wash away the change about to sweep over their ancestral hunting grounds. His tears mixed with cold rain as he turned his faithful pony toward his village.
REVIEW ~ I was blessed to receive a free, review copy of Dutch Henry's new release 'Tom Named by Horse.' I was so excited as I had read his very first release 'We'll Have the Summer' and could not put that one down. 'Tom Named by Horse' met all my expectations and then some. Dutch does not disappoint!

The reality of the characters transcends mere physical descriptions as Dutch brings the reader into the heart and soul of every individual in this adventure. His depiction of daily life in the 1860s is as down-to-earth as it truly was. I am so invested in the struggles, strengths, and successes of Tom that I am greatly anticipating the next episode in this series. ~ Darlene C Hohensee

Friends if you’re looking for adventure, history and emotions rolled together in a story please go to Amazon and order your copy! For the paperback CLICK HERE ..... For the Ebook Kindle CLICK HERE ...

Or you can order from me for an autographed copy. If you’d like we can have Kessy autograph it too!

Winter 2015 the next in the series From The Banks Of Little Bear Creek will be released.

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry