Thursday, December 4, 2014

Update on my novel, "Tom Named By Horse"

Howdy Friends!

"Tom Named By Horse" is coming soon, I promise. Sorry for the delay. A few hic-ups and missed lassos but we're gettin' there. Our dear friend Bobbie Jo is giving it a read through/final edit and Troy Locker Palmer is working on the cover.
Kessy always eager to help me write
How about a little Excerpt – "Tom finished his meal and took a long drink from the water skin, then left her to find a sunny spot on a rise to watch the horses, and think. The hider must die, not only because Red Cloud asked, but for his own reasons, too. But he’d rather sit with the horses than kill another man. Why can’t he just stay here where it is safe and peaceful? Why can’t he just forget the hider? He’d heard an old man say, ‘‘If a man looks hard enough for trouble, he’s bound to find it.’’ He never understood what that meant, but today, he wondered if that was what he was fated to do. Look for trouble. He turned from the horses to look back over the village. The sounds of running, playing children floated out to him. For them? For their safety, must he look for trouble?"

~ Gitty Up, Dutch

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