Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Choices: Ours or Our Horse’s?"

Howdy Friends,

So much of what is done to, with and around horses is for the person’s benefit, ease and perspective. It’s natural and certainly correct for the person to choose the discipline, sport and activity they wish to engage in with their equine partner. That is, after all, why we have horses. To do stuff. And to do stuff we need to make choices. Many choices.

Choices about housing, feeding, health care, training, saddles, tack and much more. Almost every day there is a choice to be made about something.

Everyone is busy with life; families, living and jobs take lots of time. There is never enough money. Never enough time. So, many times the choices made by equine caregivers are made for reasons of human convenience, ease and dollars.

It most often takes no more time, or money, to make choices from the horse’s perspective than from the human perspective. It requires only a simple paradigm shift. A brief pause to ask, “Am I doing this for my benefit, or my horse’s?” ... EXCERPT from my book  “It’s for the Horses: An advocate’s musings about their needs, spirit gifts and care.” I invite you to have a deeper look and buy bit for your horse. You can find it here www.itsforthehorses.com 

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry