Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Trip to see David Lichman's show and clinic at the Biltmore Estate in NC

Howdy Folks,
Wow, what a place! What a show! What a man! That's pretty much how I feel about this way too exciting trip! Over the past seven weeks David Lichman has been touring the country to help raise money for organizations. He calls the tour, "Horses Helping Humans." His tour included nine cities in the US and Canada, the one nearest us was Asheville NC at the Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore was built by the George Vanderbilt family in the 1890's and is a stunning place to see. If you get the chance to visit, we highly recommend it. Robbie and I enjoyed a driving tour of the grounds before leaving for home Saturday afternoon. We even had lunch in the Stable Restaurant.
The Biltmore
But, of course the reason for our trip was to see David Lichman, Parelli 5 Star trainer, and his musical extravaganza with his personal horses, Thirteen, Julio and Scotty. And to hear our dear friend Mary Ann Kennedy perform.
We didn't get any photos of Mary Ann singing, sorry, but here we are together Saturday morning - Check out her website (HERE) - Be sure to buy her Cds -

For Robbie and me it was a 6 hour drive, and I will tell you worth every minute! When we arrived we enjoyed dinner with a few Facebook friends before the show, another excellent thing about this trip. It was great to meet in person, Martha, Diane, Beth and Cinda (Martha's putting together a program to help At-Risk youths based on my novel, and thanks to David we finally meet in person!) ... Gosh there was so much wonderfulness about this trip.

This tour was first given birth by David's dream to ride and play with his own horses on Marblehead beach in MA, where he grew up, a long way from Sacramento CA. The plan grew to include stops along the way to visit friends he'd not seen in years while raising money for helping hand organizations. You can read more about those details here – BENEFIT TOUR - HORSES HELPING HUMANS

I know I'm rambling a bit with this blog, but holy cow it's not often so much wonderfulness is jam-packed into two days!
Thirteen, Scotty, Julio and David playing
Friday night David, Thirteen, Julio and Scotty thrilled us all with graceful, stunning and beautiful riding, playing, dancing, and a few tricks under the lights to Mary Ann's beautiful voice ... Well, until the lights went out … But they finished by headlight, cell phone and flashlight! Which really added an extra touch of beauty to the magnificent show! Especially the way the limited light played on Julio as he and David danced the closing number in a breathtaking example of how riding to music helps you bond with your horse. This was just after David shot an arrow through a balloon while riding Julio with no tack at a cantor. After the show some us gathered under the big tent and visited, introduced each other to new friends and said howdy to friends we don't see nearly often enough. It was so great to meet friends we've only known on Facebook!
Julio, Scotty and Thirteen marching together
Saturday morning we gathered again at the tent for coffee, doughnuts, and more visiting. Then David opened the day with a get-to-know-you question and answer session that was fully loaded with questions, answers, very useful information, laughs and surprises too. 

David's vast knowledge, humor and kindness helped us all learn as much in that hour as most instructors impart in a week-long course.
David demonstrating his gentle guidence
Then it was time for those bringing horses to David's clinic to enter the ring. Robbie and I joined friends in chairs lining the ring to watch the fun. And what fun everyone and every horse had! The morning's session was ground work helping folks and their horses transition from games and working together on line to at-liberty fun. I watched intrigued as David helped each participant master the little things that had eluded them. Horses softened and gained confidence, so did their people! It was a beautiful ballet!
Mary Ann, Adale (now renamed TEMPO) and David chatting about what a sweet man Tempo is.
Another great thing happened too. One of the horses there, a sweet Paso named Andale was looking for a new home, and Mary Ann gave him one. Watching those two together, it was as if they'd been friends for years. I was quite smitten with him too, and his big heart, and if Mary Ann had not offered her love and care, Kessy may have gotten a herd mate.

When it was time for Robbie and me to head for home saying goodbye was tough. There was so much fun yet to come under David's watchful eye and guidance. Get-togethers like this don't happen all the time and we are sure thrilled we could be part of this one!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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