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Feature Friday - Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute – Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow

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Last week I had the honor of interviewing Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow, founders of Tallgrass Animal Acupressure, for a story in my Holistic Hall Of Fame column in Natural Horse Magazine. Their story will be featured in the Jan/Feb/March 2014 issue, and as is my custom, I'll salute them here too by sharing a few excerpts from my story. Be sure to watch for the entire story in January.

Helping empower people to help their horses and animals, and get more deeply in touch themselves is their mission. "Acupressure helps people connect to their animals. Most people know their own animals; acupressure gives them something they can apply to help their horse." Nancy explained.
Cowboy loving his acupressure
Nancy and Amy spent years developing a comprehensive 300 hour acupressure training program. They named it, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. It begins with introductions to the basics and builds on them, ever increasing the students' depth of knowledge to the culmination and graduation in their "Practitioner Certification Program." So committed were Nancy and Amy that Tallgrass graduates would be recognized as skilled and knowledgeable professionals that while they were creating the program Nancy and Amy enrolled in "Traditional Chinese Medical School (TCM)." The instructors they learned from are thirty-first generation TCM practitioners.
Learning by doing
Tallgrass is a thriving and expanding community of animal acupressure practitioners worldwide. After completing the Tallgrass certification program graduates become part of a large network of people who are diligently working with horses, dogs, and cats. Some work in veterinarian practices, some in clinics and many have their own practices. These practitioners support each other via a Google Group by posing questions about the cases on which they are working. It’s a vital conduit of communication for practitioners.

Amy and Nancy, along with Kim Bauer Tallgrass' lead instructor, travel over 150 days a year teaching 15 to 20 clinics, offering demos and broadening horizons. Beyond the basic curriculum, there are online advanced courses, articles written by Amy and Nancy which have been published in periodicals all over the globe available, on the Tallgrass website and within the online learning system. The weekly Tallgrass blog has grown to be a sought after and relied upon valuable asset to folks worldwide. Practitioners certified to support the hands-on demos and exercises are located across the country and overseas helping to spread the knowledge.
Learning with Tallgrass in Australia
 If you'd like to learn more about Tallgrass and the many values of acupressure please visit their website (HERE) .  There you can purchase any of their easy to understand books, sign on for their blog and newsletter. Perhaps you'd like to enroll in the Practitioner Certification Program. Visit their Facebook page (HERE)

Thank you Nancy and Amy for all you do, to help so many.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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