Friday, May 24, 2013

"Feature Friday-David Lichman's-Benefit Tour-Horses Healing Humans"

Howdy Folks,

A North American tour to benefit equine-assisted programs and youth organizations coast to coast! What a fantastic adventure! Master horse trainer David Lichman will be touring this summer performing with his personal horses for the first time in his 25 year career of helping people and their horses achieve extraordinary results.
Julio and David doing the Spanish Walk, at liberty ...
Beginning August 9, in Moscow, ID, and continuing on to 9 cities across the country and Canada, David and his 3 horses, Julio, Thirteen and Scotty will perform their "Horses~At~Liberty~Musical~Magical~Educational," a Friday evening extravaganza of dancing, playing and riding, demonstrating the remarkable bond that can be realized with a horse. David will also conduct a 2 day clinic on each Saturday and Sunday helping folks to understand how to achieve this bond with their own horse.
Julio, Thirteen, Scotty and David dancing magically...
Many people know David as a 5 Star Parelli trainer, who is devoted to helping horses and their people achieve the best possible partnerships. Driven by a passion to help folks and their horses, David has traveled the world hosting clinics and teaching ... Not as many people know of David's commitment to help children, and grown folks who, for whatever the reason or circumstance, can benefit from an equine connection.

It was while watching his daughter, some years ago, volunteering at an Equine Assisted Therapy Center, that he first realized the healing magic that lives within the horse. He'd always been keenly aware of the connection between human and horse, but this day, watching a young autistic girl smile for the first time in her life while sitting a horse, David felt a new dimension of that healing. He was never able to forget the feeling that moment gave him. Quietly, over the years, David has helped promote equine assisted therapy and often wondered how he might do more.
David leading the dance ...
While planning and scheduling this fabulous and exciting summer tour he had a thought. What if at each tour stop he featured someone from a local equine assisted organization as a special guest? That thought grew and grew. What if they not only featured them, but helped raise much needed operating funds for them? So in association with the Parelli Education Institute, David came up with a strategy to donate fifty percent of the proceeds to the marvelous equine organizations devoted to helping others. It is his hope to raise between $10 and $20,000.

To see the tour schedule follow this link -

Tickets are only $15 in advance ~ Children under 12 Free!

To watch a video of the magic Friday night show follow this link -

If you're close to one of the 9 locations of this magical tour, be sure to sign on! What a wonderful way to build on the relationship with your horse while you're helping others build smiles.

Thank you David for all you do to help others, you are changing lives. Horses and humans.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. How cool, Dutch! I wish he were coming my way.

  2. Thanks, Patti! .. I know, perhaps Robbie and I can see him at the Biltmore show, I think that's about 4 hours from us ...

  3. WOOT!!! Just two hours from me! I've been a fan of David's for a long time, but never dreamed I'd get to see him in action. Thank you, Dutch!

    1. You are going to love this show, Robynne ... You should sign up for the 2 day clinic too .. You'll be changed forever ...