Monday, March 18, 2013

"The Rain Pounded The Roof"

Howdy Folks,

We huddled in the barn as the cold rain pounded the tin roof. Saturday sat by my side wet and shivering. Tigger tried to burrow deeper into my lap. Kessy tugged and munched on her hay even as half a dozen chickens scratched, pecked and clucked around her bedroom. I poured my second cup of steaming coffee from the thermos and cradled the cup in my hands, warming them. The smell of fresh coffee wafted up. I took it in. 

Cold, wet and dark, same as yesterday morning. March has sure been tossing hard weather at us the past few days. Undeterred, Mr. Cardinal sat high in the Oak calling in the soggy new morning. A few Juncos too, braved the rain to refuel at the chicken scratch. The chickens though, mostly huddled in the chicken house or in the barn with Kessy, me and Tigger. Sweetness, Zoe and Miss. Kitty had decided today again it was just too miserable out to join us and had stayed in the house.

The Phoebes darted from rafter to rafter, either searching for spiders or checking out the best place for this year's first nest. It's always such delight to watch them build a nest then raise their brood here in the barn. A Carolina Wren came inside too, craftily examining corners and beams. I wondered if he was looking for insects or a place for a nest. That would be neat, Phoebes and Wrens with a nest in Kessy's barn. The wrens usually nest on the porch or the chicken house.

Doesn't look like the weather will give Kessy, Saturday and me a chance to hit the trail for a day or two. I'm sure ready to go again, even though we've had this mid March set-back, things out in the woods are moving ahead with all their springtime duties. On Friday we had gone out and saw half a dozen butterflies, and Trout Lilies blooming. The Myrtle (Periwinkle) was just beginning to bloom at the old cemetery too, can't wait to see that carpet of blue

We send you wishes for a wonderful day. Stay dry and warm!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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