Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Happy Spring!"

Howdy Folks,

Ah yes, today is the first day of Spring! According to the fellow in charge of telling us all about the weather on TV, it arrived here at Appomattox, VA at precisely 7:02 this morning. Equinox they call it. That means literally, equal night; from the Latin, aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, night and day are about equal length.
I love Spring, the rebirth. Ravishin' Robbie says it is her favorite time of year. I don't really have a favorite. I love the changing of the seasons. Each season brings its own blessings and excitement. From the Spring's bursting forth of wildflowers, Robbie diving into her gardens, birds singing in the tree tops, the return of our Hummingbirds, the tall Maple trees boasting red buds. To the Summer's heat, baby Blue Birds and Phoebes in the nests, dozens of Hummingbirds at the feeders, fresh vegetables and flowers from Robbie's gardens. Then Autumn brings us Fall flowers, the Fall Equinox, majestically painted tree foliage, scores of fledgling birds flying about, pumpkins and squash from Robbie's gardens. Of course some of our Spring and Summer birds leave us but the Juncos come and add their unique fun to the coming of Winter. Winter, here in Appomattox we get just a taste of snow, every few weeks during Winter we have just enough snow to paint beautiful scenes all around us, pine boughs dusted in white, our snow covered dirt road with just a single set of car tracks down the middle ... And of course there are those delightful Winter evenings snuggled in our cozy little house with Ravishin' Robbie enjoying her world famous hot cocoa and ginger snap cookies.

So you can see how it might be hard for a fellow like me to have a favorite season when all seasons have so very much to offer. I must admit though, I'm ready to hang the Hummingbird feeders, they should be here in just a few weeks now. The Phoebes have started their first nest in the barn, I've been watching them gather mud and dried grass and carefully tapping the little adobe balls in place on their shelf in the barn rafters for a few days already. The Blue Birds haven't started nests yet, but are singing and Robbie has seen them flying in and out of the nest boxes.

Robbie has already planted peas, lettuce, chard and spinach. But, as has become a custom around here, the chickens have pretty much … unplanted them. Eventually Robbie will prevail and her garden will be beautiful and abundant.

Kessy and I heading out for a First Day Of Spring ride … even though our high today is predicted to be 20 degrees below normal at a windy 40! We rode on Friday and had already seen Trout Lilies blooming under the Mountain Laurel and the Myrtle (periwinkle) in the ancient cemetery was starting to offer its pale blue flowers too. Who knows perhaps today we'll see our first Rufus Sided Towhee or Indigo Bunting.

We send you wishes for a wonderful Spring day!

God Bless & Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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  1. Where you live sounds delightful though a bit on the cold side. Forty degrees is chilly but if you get to ride on a nice warm horsey, it's certainly worth the time outside.