Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Easy Exercises To Relax and Release Your Horse Anytime"

Howdy Folks,

Here are a few simple little exercises you can do anytime at all. They are wonderful relaxing exercises that ask absolutely nothing of your horse. All the exercises I promote, which I learned from my mentor Diane Sept, give to the horse, which is so very important. Some exercises require the horse to participate with movement and thinking, which is both healing and beneficial. This little ditty requires nothing of the horse, except that they enjoy it.

The first thing I'd like to show is the "Mane Wiggle." Stand next to your horse, in a neutral, relaxed posture, grasp her mane in one hand and lift enough to create a firm connection, wiggle your hand, her mane and neck, gently. As you wiggle you'll see her neck loosen and begin to wiggle, she may drop her head (as you'll see Kessy do in this video). She will begin to loosen and jiggle through her neck to her face, and back through her withers, shoulders and down her back. This is very relaxing and you can do it often.

The second video demonstrates what I call the "Forelock Wiggle." Again stand by your horse in neutral and relaxed, grasp her forelock, lift gently and wiggle. Watch for the release of her neck, face and jaw. Her bottom lip will release and wiggle. 

The third video shows the "Tail Hair" wiggle. Relaxed and in neutral, stand behind your horse, grasp some tail hair near the top, and wiggle. This will release the tail, the end of her spine all the way to her sacral joint, and even more.

I hope you will incorporate these easy and fun exercises into your regular routine. These little wiggles really give to your horse, helping them to release and relax.  The "Mane Wiggle" can be very useful when you need to calm your horse. They love it.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle.. I'm sexy and I know it...lol.. Love the video's and the beautiful sounds of the birds and he rooster in the backgroung. I will try this with my horses..
    Thanks Dutch

  2. Thanks Toni ! ... We love the birds & rooster in the background too, haha. ... I think you and your horses will love the wiggle!Thanks for being part of the Coffee Clutch ...

  3. Thank you for the great info. The videos really helped. Will try this on Gravy..

  4. I have been doing this for fun before but didn't realize it was beneficial! LOL I will continue to do this and incorporate it into our routine. :-)

  5. Thanks, Dutch, I'm trying these today! Unfortunately, the videos wouldn't load on my smartphone, but I think your written instructions were clear enough for me to follow. :)

  6. Thanks Anon! Gravy will love it!

  7. Robynne, try going directly to the blog ... I hope you can see the videos ... @dlwood, good for you!

  8. Hey, the videoing worked! ;)