Thursday, March 21, 2013

"First day of Spring Trail Ride"

Howdy Folks,

We rode into our shadows, the sun on our backs. Kessy stepped lively as she is wont to do on brisk, sunny, windy days. And by golly it sure was a windy first day of Spring yesterday. Trees swayed, dried oak leaves rattled overhead and branches banged together, filling the air over the trail with sounds not conducive to settling a horse's nerves. We had done our pre-ride exercises before tacking up and Kessy was confident and solid, but still pretty full of herself as we set out down the trail behind the barn. I wanted to go find the first spring flowers, so off we went. Saturday lead the way.

Riding into our shadow
My plan had been to take some pictures of the Trout Lilies under the Mountain Laurel, and the Myrtle at the old cemetery to share here, and even though Kessy behaved perfectly I didn't do very well. Our camera is tiny and old, and although I leaned low out of the saddle, the pictures just did not get very well. I got that one above of our shadow, I love to watch our shadow as we glide down the trail, and the one here of Saturday leading the way … but friends, my flower pictures were all failures. Sorry.

Saturday leading the way up the trail
We had a delightful ride trekking through the woods off the trail where I knew the Trout Lilies and Wintergreen would be. I snapped pictures at each great spot, though with my leg being like it is, I was not willing to dismount, so I shot from the saddle just hoping some would turn out alright.

When we got to the old cemetery the Myrtle was awash with blue. I even took a photo of Saturday sitting in a patch of blooms. It would have been just the sweetest picture. He sat just next Kessy at my stirrup on a bed of blue looking up at me. Sadly, by then I'd known the batteries in the camera were worn out, it kept shutting off, but I took a few, turning it on for each shot. Sure enough none of those pictures made it. But I hope you can picture in your mind.

We had a great ride, saw Chickadees, Pilliated Woodpeckers, Titmice and several butterflies. I do have this one picture, though not very good, of a Trout Lily. I'll try again next week for the Myrtle and even try to get Saturday to pose again.

We found this Trout Lily well off the trail near the stream
Have a fun day & Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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