Monday, January 14, 2013

"Molly's New Saddle!" Pt 4 in Saddle Fit Series"

Howdy Folks,

Yesterday was the day Molly got her brand new custom fit saddle made by Larry Wilson! What a delightful little gal Molly is. She's twenty and just as tickled about this saddle as a kid with a brand new toy! She knew it was coming, and waited "almost" patiently from the day Larry first visited 7 weeks ago to fit Molly for the all important custom fit saddle tree. If you haven't seen those pictures and that story you can find it here .

Have a look at Molly's rig all shiny and new. Larry calls this his Trail Saddle. He'll make any kind of saddle the customer wants and that's wonderful, but what is important to me is that his saddles are made to fit the horse, and the rider, starting by building the tree, by hand. ... Being a horse advocate, saddle fit is VERY important to me. I have seen his saddles heal backs, withers and shoulders. I have seen his saddles heal horses who'd been prematurely retired ... Larry made it possible for me to ride pain free by shaping my trees to fit my own twisted pelvis. Had I not met Larry I doubt I'd still be riding, and riding is more than just a wonderful thing to do for me, I literally ride so I can walk  ... And his saddles are right in line price wise with any "Off The Rack" quality saddles, and less expensive than some. You can call him for pricing and any other questions at, 570-404-9440, and have a look at his website

Here is Molly proudly showing off her new saddle, that's Larry with her.
 Chris and Molly set off to give it a try in motion as Larry watches to make certain all is correct.
 And friends, this is just the beginning. Larry stands by his saddles and he's there to make any corrections or adjustments as may be needed. I've known him for 10 years and he's built me 4 saddles, and I know him to stand by his work. He also makes great saddlebags, halters and all sorts of accessories.

And his saddles and trees can be adjusted for changes, or to fit other horses. While he was here this weekend I asked him to re-shape the saddle he made me for my TWH, River, who I rode endurance with, to fit Kessy. He'd already re-fit my Diablo's saddle to fit Kessy, the saddle I'm using now, but I was always partial to River's saddle. I have more than a few thousand miles in that saddle.

A little later Chris, Molly, Kessy and I set out on short trail ride to really check out Molly's new Wilson Saddle. We had a wonderful ride. It was easy to see how that new saddle fit Molly perfectly and Chris too. 
 Correct saddle fit is so very important, and sadly, even in this time of, "Enlightenment," too many times a horses' behavior is misunderstood for a discipline problem when really the root cause is a poor fitting saddle and pain. If you have questions about your saddle fit, please post them here or feel free to email me, or give Larry a call. Larry doesn't just sell saddles, he helps horses and people.

No matter the discipline you and your horse play or work in together, a proper fitting saddle is the foundation to build on. It is our hope this little series on Saddle Fit was a benefit to you and your horse.

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