Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"10,000 Page Hits"

Howdy Folks,

We started our Coffee Clutch blog just 4 months ago to visit with friends and chat about horses, love, writing, friends, family, bird watching, beautiful mornings and other happy things. Yesterday we went over 10,000 page hits! Now Ravishin' Robbie and I are not even sure just what a page hit is, we assume it means a friend dropped by to say howdy and by golly we thank you so much for being part of Coffee Clutch!
Kessy, Saturday and me writing a story
As we go on I'll do my very best to write happy, informational, encouraging and fun stories, thoughts and musings 4 -5 days a week. It takes time to write my blogs, I work hard to get them just right. I feel if you're willing to spend your valuable time reading them, I must do my best to make it worthwhile and beneficial to you. It is my sincere hope our Coffee Clutch visits add a little something to your day.

Some posts take over 2 hours to write, proof, edit. Average about an hour. I know I miss some editing issues every day, and for that I really, really do apologize, but I reckon my blog can serve as a testament to the old adage, "One cannot edit one's own work." They say it's because your mind sees on the page, or Word Doc, what you intend to be there, not what you actually wrote! … My "Feature Friday" posts take on average 5-8 hours to research, contact, write and edit. These posts I send to the subject for review, so really I work on them for a few days during the week. But this I do, "To Help Them Help."

My not-quite-right editing also owes its failings to the fact I really only started writing in 2006, and at that time I knew oh so little. (Not that I know so much now) ... I often tell folks when I wrote my first novel I didn't know there was a difference between, "then" and "than." Grammar? I thought that was a cracker! Understand though, I grew up in a household that spoke Pennsylvania Dutch ... So enough excuses.

From deep within my heart, I humbly thank each and every one of you who take time from your busy schedules to drop in on our Coffee Clutch and spend a few moments with us. I will do my best to make it time well spent!

Ps- Please invite all your friends to join us here on the Coffee Clutch.

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry 


  1. It isn't so much 'how' something is written but the fact that you write! I think most people are more interested in your topic than being critical. I, for one, enjoy anything written and look forward to your stories. Write on......

  2. Keep on writing. Sometimes I may be a few days behind, but I'll catch up.
    Cowboy UP!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Sometimes I'm a few days behind too!

  3. Your words come from the heart & are chock full of love & compassion. They teach, entertain and touch our hearts. It's a great author who can do all that, at the same time, with words.
    You are a wordsmith, Dutch Henry, tried and true. Keep writing, friend!
    Kitty Mack

  4. Thank you, Kit! It's an honor to have you be part of Coffee Clutch.