Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Perfect Mornings"

Howdy Folks,

It had been a while since I'd heard the train during Coffee Clutch, and this morning it was a little like welcoming back an old friend. The early morning air was just heavy enough, and drifting in the right direction to carry with it the rumble and clickity clack of the big wheels as it rolled down the track some 5 miles distant. The lonesome whistle drowned out the clickity clack 3 times at 3 crossings. It's a freight train that runs those rails, mostly carrying coal, sometimes those big orange, white or red closed containers, and occasionally automobiles.  The tracks see a lot of business and it's common for Robbie and me to see a train when we're over that way. Usually very long trains. Why, one day we counted over 100 cars! To hear them faintly during Coffee Clutch is always a treat for me.

Light rain tapped out a gentle melody on the barn's tin roof. I settled into my chair next to Kessy. Tigger leaped to my lap before I was finished adjusting, Saturday decided to scatter the chickens who had just reclaimed their rightful place at the cracked corn diner from all those visiting wild birds. Saturday doesn't really mean to chase the chickens, he goes for the corn, and soon, one by one they came back and we had an assortment of Bantys and one Beagle working on the crushed corn buffet.

I poured my first cup of coffee from the thermos, toasted Kessy, and thanked God for another beautiful morning. Pretty much my routine whether it's hot cold, windy, raining or sunny. Because isn't every morning beautiful when you get right down to it? Yea, I think so. And don't those cold windy mornings make the just right sunny days all that much more perfect. So you see, by my logic, those nasty mornings are just doing their job, making you love the sparkling mornings more. So they're perfect, too. Even if they do blow my hat off.

The rough mornings tend to drive all the chickens into Kessy's barn too, remember our story, "Chickens on the Halfwall?" If you've not read it you can  check it out here… And we love when the chickens are all around us in the barn. Feels downright homey.

The chickens wandered away 2 or 3 at a time on their search and devour walk, and Juncos, Cardinals, Chickadees, Doves and White Throated Sparrows repossessed the right to the corn smorgasbord. I know, a single entre meal isn't a smorgasbord, but they think it is. So do the squirrels.

Suddenly the rain got serious, pounding the tin so loud Kessy gave a snort and stomp! The chickens made dash for the barn. Furious balls of wet feathers, squawking and clucking charged past Kessy and me in a hurricane of disgust to find sanctuary from the deluge. Saturday dashed into the hay room for safety, just ahead of the stampede.

A few moments later peace reigned in the barn once more. Kessy munched her hay, I poured another cup, Saturday came back to lie on my feet, a rooster crowed, another train whistle blew, the chickens preened content. What a perfect morning. I hope you had one too!

Gitty Up,
Dutch Henry

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