Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Blog Post about Thursday's (1-10-13) Blog Post - "We'll Sort This Out" a short story.

Howdy Folks,

On Thursday I wrote a short story, "We'll Sort This Out" and while it went to RSS feed and folks who follow my link from facebook received it, folks who follow only by email seemed not to receive it? Robbie and I never understand why things get mixed up and sometimes the blogs don't go out. We tried several times to fix it, and it won 't send. And since I wrote this as a Thank You to all our friends, I'd like to be certain you can read it. Hopefully this one will go!

So I'm sending this link directly to Thursday's Post, just click here on the title- "We'll Sort This Out"  to go to it. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading Coffee Clutch and God Bless!

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry

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