Thursday, September 26, 2013

Heading Out To See David Lichman's Benefit Tour

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Ravishin' Robbie and I are getting ready to head out tomorrow morning for the Biltmore in Asheville NC for David Lichman's "Benefit Tour Horses Healing Humans." So excited to see David again and meet his 3 horses, Julio, Thirteen and Scotty! Friday night they will perform their "Horses~At~Liberty~Musical~Magical~Educational," an evening extravaganza of dancing, playing and riding, demonstrating the remarkable bond that can be realized with a horse.  And Mary Ann Kennedy will be there performing too! David will also conduct clinics Sat & Sun.
Julio, Thirteen, Scotty and David dancing
David put this tour together to 9 cities across the country and Canada, to visit friends he's not seen in a long time, play with his horses on the beach where he grew up, and first fell in love with horses, in MA. …  AND raise money benefit equine-assisted programs and youth organizations coast to coast! Proceeds at each location benefit local organizations.
David, Julio, Thirteen and Scotty on Marblehead Beach in MA. They've made their journey from Sacramento CA back to David's childhood beach.
Many people know David as a 5 Star Parelli trainer, who is devoted to helping horses and their people achieve the best possible partnerships. Driven by a passion to help folks and their horses, David has traveled the world hosting clinics and teaching ... Not as many people know of David's commitment to help children, and grown folks who, for whatever the reason or circumstance, can benefit from an equine connection. 

– Follow this link (HERE) to read my blog post about David, Julio, Thirteen and Scotty's "Benefit Tour - Horses Healing Humans".  And this link (HERE) to read my blog about David, "David Lichman-The Journey Continues." Please read theses stories about David so you can meet a truly wonderful man.
Mary Ann Kennedy - Check out her website (HERE)
Click (HERE) - to read my story "Mary Ann Kennedy - Singing to Help"  Mary Ann is a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter who donates much of her time and proceeds to help horse charities. She and her horse Brave are on the cover of my novel.

David Lichman is a man committed to helping humans and horses and I'm honored to call him friend. I hope you'll read these stories.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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