Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When Hearts Open - PT 1

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I wrote this short story today sitting with Kessy  having Coffee ... I felt as if she were helping me write it ... Some folks say horses don't remember, I know they do ....  I've listened to their stories ... You can read Pt 2 (HERE)
Kessy, Saturday & Dutch writing a story ...
When Hearts Open 

She once ruled the show ring. In her memory she carries the pictures of gliding along the rail to "oohs and ahhs" of people in the bleachers. The loving pats on her neck from her rider when they were called to line up in the center to collect their ribbon. And the applause.

But that was a long time ago.

 She has memories too, from so long ago, of frolicking in the shady pasture with her mother, and the other foals. And the next season running and racing, trying so hard to catch the wind with the yearlings. Oh how they would run, kick and squeal! As hard as they could race, they ran in that big field, chasing not only the wind as they wove among the trees, but each other, too. They ran until her very heart felt as though it might explode. She remembers too, a young lady with gentle hands and voice. Over the long years she still thinks of her, and her soft voice. She had given her her first name, Goldie. She wondered why no other person had called her that.

Then she moved from home, leaving friends and family behind. Try as she might she never truly understood how that happened, but one day she found herself in a new field with strange horses, and people. They called it training. That's why she was there. There were many days of confusion, and even fear. In time she learned to understand, even anticipate the things they expected her to do. But she missed her friends, and the romps in the field. Her new home seemed so confining, and the air smelled. Each day there had been hours of training in a small field with no sky, or wind. It was very dusty as she trotted around, and around learning new commands and how to carry people. Then back to the tiny place people called, her stall. After training, standing there in that tiny dark place, she longed to run. Her legs and heart begged for it. Everything seemed to hurt standing still all day and night. In time she learned to ignore the tightness in her back and legs. But never understand it.

People came and looked at her in that tiny place where she lived in the dark. She wondered what had happened to her friend the sun. She remembers lying in the big pasture as the sun warmed her skin and muscles, but it was not here. Not in this place. But people were here touching her, leading her asking her to do the new things she'd learned. And she did enjoy showing how well she mastered this new thing they called training.

A young girl came one day into that tiny dark place to see her. At first she thought this girl might be her old friend who had named her Goldie, but she wasn't. She was friendly though and it was wonderful to feel the soft touch of a hand, not asking her to do anything. She liked that girl right from the start.

The next day found her at a new world. Everything was different again, except the young girl. She was here too. She gave the mare a new name, one she had heard before when people at the training place were looking at her. The young girl called her, Holly. And Holly understood the girl's name, too, Megan.

Holly and Megan began to go many places together. It was Megan who took her to the show the first time. That was exciting! So much energy in the air. Holly grew to love everything about showing, the baths, the grooming, even the rides in the trailer, for she knew each trip was a new adventure. For years they traveled to shows together and won a wall full of ribbons. 

Megan and Holly explored trails together too, and her home here was not tiny without sun. She had big fields again to romp and play in with other horses like when she was a yearling. Her old friend the sun was here too. Sometimes standing alone in the field she thought about her mother, the yearlings and the friends she left behind at the training place. But living with Megan, showing exploring trails together was so much fun. Megan understood her and cared for her and loved her. They could read each other's mind. Friends forever Holly remembers Megan telling her.

Be sure to read PT 2 tomorrow ....

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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