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Feature Friday – Happy Natural Horse – Lorrie Bracaloni

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Dedicated to helping folks learn how their horses can live naturally and pain free Lorrie Bracaloni has published 2 books, a vast number of short films that can be viewed on YouTube (HERE) and her website (HERE), maintains an active blog (HERE) and a facebook page (HERE) and (HERE). While she is a hands-on, certified Equine Holistic Practitioner and is very busy visiting clients and horses, she also believes strongly that with these methods of outreach she help many more horses live pain free, healthy lives.
Lorrie & Boogie
Lorrie began seeking answers to questions 12 years ago when she lost her beloved Thoroughbred Romeo to colic when he was only 3 years old. Not satisfied with the standard answer, "I do not know, it just happens to horses sometimes," she embarked on a mission to learn how to maintain a healthy, happy, pain free horse. Lorrie was led to a workshop given by Dr Regan Golob on nutrition and pain reflexology. There is where Lorrie found her answers to equine health and nutrition. Later that year she set out on a life long journey of going to school and becoming certified in equine health. She devoted several years to studying and practicing acupressure pain release on rescues horses at horse rescues and area race tracks.

Currently Lorrie holds seven different certifications in areas such as, Homeopathy, Acupressure and Herbal Remedies. She is a favorite clinician at Horse expos such as Ohio Equine Affaire, Timonium Horse World Expo, Harrisburg Pa Equine World Expo, where she freely demonstrates what she has learned.

A big passion of Lorrie's is to continue to donate her time and knowledge to help the rescue horses return to a happy, healthy, pain free life. She provides free workshops at Lost & Found Horse Rescue in Darnstown Md, and helps man their booth at local horse shows bringing in much needed donations.
 Her books – "How To Identify And Release Your Horses Pain Points (with DVD)" and "Natural Equine Remedies – Prevention – Solutions – Results " can be purchased on her website (HERE).
Lorrie demonstrating checking the Atlas 
Lorrie also gives workshops and demos all across the country teaching natural health and nutrition for horses, keeping them sound, happy and healthy. Thanks Lorrie for helping the horses and their people!

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