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Feature Friday – New Horizon Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center

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Located in Rantoul, Kansas, New Horizon Ranch (NHR) is changing lives every day. Dedicated to helping children who face challenges every day, Brian and Joy Miller  founded (NHR) in 2006 to help children who face physical, emotional and cognitive challenges. Combining a strong passion for helping people, their love of, and passion for horses, belief in God's will, the Millers set out on a mission. "It was clear that God had prepared and equipped us to make a difference in their lives." Joy said. "NHR was founded with a mission to enrich lives through equine assisted activities."
Brian and a happy student

Programs at NHR are designed to provide individual growth, stimulate independence and encourage at-risk youths to engage in meaningful pursuits. Families are a big part of the activities at NHR as all the staff and volunteers understand, what the children experience in the programs, the growth, the eagerness to achieve, and the feeling of self-worth can and does radiate through their family.

Programs including Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding are carefully designed for individuals facing challenges and managed by PATH certified instructors. These programs are given individually and in group settings.

There is more to NHR than therapeutic riding sessions. And that more is what is so effective at changing young lives. One of their unique programs is "Mending Fences." A client driven, experiential learning, mental health program which can be individual or group. These sessions are co-facilitated by an Equine Specialist and a Mental Health Professional. The experiential nature allows the client to open up on his own time frame to handle any mental health problems, concerns or issues he might face. This is very effective with a variety of issues including communication, interpersonal relationship skills, coping skills, anger management, substance abuse, eating disorders and many others. This fun program uses activities on the ground to allow clients to discover or develop within themselves abilities and coping skills that will aid in their overall mental health and daily living. "As clients work with the horses to accomplish tasks assigned to them, they encounter many of the same thoughts and emotions they experience in everyday situations." Joy explained. "It empowers them to make decisions with confidence."
Joy, Brian and a whole bunch of happy kids!
Another fun and wonderfully successful event at NHR is their "Summer Horse Camp." An integrated day camp experience creating an excellent opportunity for campers with special needs and campers with typical needs to have fun side by side as they improve their social, emotional, mental and physical well being.  Campers gain self-confidence, develop communication and problem solving skills, learn basic riding skills, and actively engage in hands-on horsemanship and daily horse care in a safe, fun and friendly camp atmosphere. It provides campers a chance to bond over their common love of horses and their desire to learn more. NHR offers the benefits of a small class size, PATH certified professional instructors, EAGALA trained facilitators and safe, well-trained horses. What can be more fun than that?

To have a look at all the programs, learning and excitement happening every day at NHR please visit their website (HERE) .

You can join them on Facebook (HERE) 

Changing lives every day, what a wonderful mission! Thank you New Horizon Ranch!

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