Monday, July 15, 2013

"Our little Hero Saturday"

Howdy Folks,

Happy Monday Friends! … Ravishin' Robbie and I had a swell weekend dodging thunderstorms, humidity and managed to squeeze in a little work. Well Robbie did most of the work, I mostly coached. We had some water issues in the barn, which of course this recent monsoon weather made all too obvious, so a few structural changes were needed, and a bit of this and that. All finished now and this morning's Coffee Clutch saw the return of a number of Hummingbirds. During these past two weeks of heavy rain and very high humidity they had disappeared. Robbie wondered if they went into stasis in rough weather. This morning's buzzing, darting and dive bombing was a welcomed treat indeed.
Saturday and the rest of the Coffee Clutch family
A story I'm compelled to tell about this weekend is about our sweet little Saturday's huge heart. On Saturday I was fooling around getting ready for the barn repair work while Ravishin' Robbie was in town doing a little theater work. The barn repair required a little digging. I'd dig five minutes then sit fifteen minutes recovering in the shade fifteen watching the birds and butterflies at Robbie's flowers.
Saturday and Tigger relaxing together

You may recall from past posts that I have this thing on my left side where it gets all confused and literally just goes away, and I fall down. That's why we built the big mounting platform and made a few other changes. Saturday is always with me, never more than a few yards from my side. On Saturday though he began to get in my way, almost underfoot. I was digging a small ditch next to the barn and after about an hour (of mostly resting, not digging) he would actually come sit in the ditch almost against me. As I've said I'd dig five minutes and sit fifteen, and Saturday stayed glued to me. I had my normal aches and numbness, but really was not working very hard.

 I had about three feet to go when I hobbled back to the barn wall, reluctantly leaving my very comfortable green lawn chair. Saturday put himself between me and the ditch and sat down, which is very odd for him as he always follows. I scratched his head, picked up the shovel, then without warning, my left side went numb, and I fell in a heap half in my little ditch. This time I hit pretty hard.

It takes a little while for things to recover before I can get up again after these little bouts, and Saturday lay tight against me the whole time. I can't help but think he saw it coming and that's why he tried to block my way.
Saturday keeping an eye on things
Do our friends know? I think yes. My sweet mare Honey did the same thing when I fell in her yard about 5 years ago, and Kessy did once too, when we were doing a little groundwork. Saturday though was the first to seem to know before it happened. He's a great little buddy who obviously is a lot more tuned in than he lets on.

Sunday, Robbie had help and the repairs were completed, as Saturday and I watched from the shade of the big oak.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Thanks Dutch. I don't think we give our four legged friends the credit due to them sometimes. I know you have seen first hand my DEInc in action and what he can do (and does)for me. He gets very clingy on some days before I even know things are about to go awry.
    God gave us a special gift when he put our four legged companions on this earth.

    1. You bet, cashzig21, ... We are truly blessed.

    2. Dutch, I loved reading this. Yes, I believe our animals know these things. I'm so thankful for Saturday, as I know you are, too. Glad he was there for you.