Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Horses and Writing, similar POVs?"

Howdy Folks,
I remain constantly amazed at how the worlds of writing and horses are so very similar.

I remember when my agent was editing my novel "We'll Have The Summer" she pointed out there were some scenes that are not totally clear to the reader. She explained that, while I as the writer had a clear vision and understanding of the details and Point Of View (POV), the reader does not have the benefit of all the facts rolling around in my head. I would need to rewrite those scenes, and write as if I were explaining the underlying facts to be sure the reader and I were, on the same page. Pun intended.

It is important that the writer sees what he/she is writing, from the reader's POV. When developing a scene a writer must learn to see through their reader's eyes. He needs to feel the emotions he hopes to inspire with his written words. He needs to empathize with his reader to be sure the message is clear and understandable. He needs to take the reader along, for the reader to truly benefit. It's not always easy to step back and see what you're saying from another's perspective, but it's always important.

It is also important when working with your horses. We must take the time to see what we are asking from the horse's POV, the horse's perspective. We need to be sure that all the information we want to convey is clearly spelled out, included in the scene. Just as we would if we were writing a story, a novel. All the facts must be presented in a fun, interesting and complete fashion so our horse can follow along and understand the story we are traveling through together.
Kessy and Dutch writing together
Think of working with your horse as a writer might think about the scene. Be sure to cover all the details so they are crystal clear, one little step at a time. Look through your horse's eyes at the scene, that way what you want to present will be clear to you too. And remember to allow enough time for your horse to read and understand your message. It's a little thing that builds trust, for the reader and the horse.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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