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"Feature Friday – Vision Horse Healing- Kim Stephens-and-Spirit Horse Alliance-Paula Karen"

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Earning her living as a neonatal intensive care nurse, Kim Stephens understands care giving. And caregivers. Being a veteran, she understands the trials veterans can face, too. Especially women veterans. Being a horse lover and advocate, she also knows how horses can help humans heal.

Kim founded Vision Horse Healing because her passion is to help recharge hearts and minds with the tender understanding that horses can give. "Horses have a way of reaching people without talking. And many times veterans dealing with PTSD and other issues simply do not want to talk. Especially women, who suffer not only from PTSD but also MST (Military Sexual Trauma). "Too many times women will internalize their pain and not let it out, or talk about it." Kim explained. The mission statement of Vision Horse Healing is, "to create a safe place to process genuine emotion and inner healing through connection with the horse."
Kim and mustangs of Spirit Horse Alliance
One way of offering healing is retreats for women veterans and their family. Partnering with Paula Karen and her organization, Spirit Horse Alliance, they held a wonderful helping retreat among the mustangs at Spirit Horse Alliance just a few weeks ago. Kim and Paula are both coaches, trained in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®.  Paula and Kim have a unique partnership that was born from the connection of Paula’s son, a combat veteran who has struggled with PTSD from his service and Kim's veteran status. You can watch a short video showcasing the fabulous "Girls Like Us" retreat here - Please do it's a lovely video. The next "Girls Like Us" retreat will be August 17.

Kim and Paula are also advocates for our wild horses and Paula shelters several on her ranch. Mustangs Samwise, Valkyrie, Spirit and Shadow were brought in from the wild at a young age and are now featured in the healing herd of Spirit Horse Alliance. She and Kim understand there seems to be a special connection to between veterans and mustangs. "It seems incredible, and I don't really know why, but perhaps because they were both property of the government and have lost their footing, but mustangs really connect with veterans." Kim said.

Another wonderful way Vision Horse Healing helps is by traveling to other people's barns. Kim will travel to help with healing at the homes of folks needing a leg up. In this way people not able to travel can find healing too.

You can learn more about Kim and Vision Horse Healing on her Facebook Page here - 

You can find out more about Paula and Spirit Horse Alliance on her Facebook Page here- 

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They care and they give and it is my honor to feature them today.

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