Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"What's in The Spirit of Your Horse's Nickname- Or any Word."-Pt-2

Part 1 of "What's in The Spirit of Your Horse's Nickname- Or any Word." Was posted yesterday-2-19-13
This is a 2 part story about the energy in a name. How it can emit happy positive awareness and energy or create roadblocks in your relationship with your horse. I also discuss the power of positive thoughts.

Howdy Folks,

Remember the old saying, "Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me?" Not true is it? I submit the very reason that old jingle was given birth was to try to hide the hurt the names can deliver.

Nature does not like negative. Nature runs from negative. Negative causes unbalance in nature. You may feel that simply using a negative word in a "cute way" to name your horse makes a difference, but the words set about a different energy in "your own body." Words truly do mean things, and while we may try to alter their meaning for a name, underneath and within the word lays the energy of it. Good or negative.

One of the most remarkable examples of this is the work done by, Masaro Emoto with ice crystals. He has published several books discussing and illustrating the "Messages In Water." Emoto spent years freezing water to examine the crystals. His work, both celebrated and criticized, showed that water exposed to kind words froze into beautiful geometrical crystals while water exposed to unkind words froze into distorted and randomly formed crystals. I'm one of those who celebrate his work.

I also wonder about the distant thoughts connected with negative nicknames. When we think of our horse from the house or when we're at work, their name on our mind creates an energy. It can be a dance, or a standoff. Or confused energy. How we picture our horse, our relationship, our bond is affected by the name. Is it a joke, a put down, or a compliment, a sign of affection?

The energy you send, and receive is in direct relationship to your thoughts. Have you ever gone to a meeting and as you stood outside the door, just about to enter, your thoughts are racing, you feel excited, maybe you're worried. Maybe you're bouncing off the walls happy. Your energy is already ahead of you in that room mixing with the energy and emotions in there. You're picking up on the energy coming back to you. Everyone has felt it.

Kessy and Dutch
Perhaps you've felt it and brushed it off as just your worry, apprehension or excited anticipation. Of course there is some of that, but the energy from within you flows out from you and receives energy too. That energy is in tune with your thoughts ... I believe it can't help but to be.

So back to your horses nickname. When you think of her from afar, would you like to send thoughts from a name whose negative energy must be overcome? Wouldn't you rather send happy energy and thoughts? As you approach or introduce her to folks don't you want to think thoughts of happy and partnership?

Kessy and I hope you'll spread the word about the spirit in your horse's nickname. Kessy's name you ask? Kessy is my nickname for Kezia, the name of Job's second beautiful daughter.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


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    1. You're welcome Kit! ... Thank you for being part of the Coffee Clutch!

  2. I think the name Kezia is beautiful and Kessy as a nickname is equally positive in energy and feeling.
    I have many nicknames for Maximus besides Boo. I call him Maxipad when we're joking around with each other, and also Maximoto and Maxi and Max and, of course, Maximus Decimus Meridius after the Gladiator.

    1. Thanks Patti ... Maximus is a great horse and he loves you humor and affection!