Monday, February 18, 2013

"Snowy Morning in the Barn"

Howdy Folks,

The snow laid nine inches deep, smothering all sound, and bending bough and branch. The Chickens huddled round Kessy and me inside the barn. Even though the sun glistened bright on the covering of white outside, a lone bulb offered a welcoming yellow embrace inside the barn. The contrast seemed to make the morning a bit magical. Outside brilliantly bright, quiet and frozen, almost devoid of any color other than intense white. Inside the calm, subtle light from the single bulb managed to hold the powerful white at bay at the barn's edge. Two worlds, both charmed by their own beauty touched each other there at the open ended wall of Kessy's barn. 

Knowing the wild birds would be extra hungry this morning, I'd pushed aside the snow to bare ground and scattered chicken scratch, at the usual place under the trees just outside Kessy's fence. By the time we all settled down for Coffee Clutch, Juncos, Cardinals, Wrens, Nuthatches, Doves and a White Throated Sparrow accepted the invitation. I thought about the Phoebe we'd heard just two days before, when the temperature was over sixty.

Kessy stopped munching hay and made dash into the snowy woods to check out the scenery. I'd had her barn gate closed ever since the snow started yesterday morning, I like to keep her under roof when the it's heavy weather, and she prefers her freedom. Her fist romp through the snow was quite a show of high flying heels and squeals, sending snow swirling like tiny blizzards around her. Satisfied all was okay outside she rejoined Saturday the chickens and me inside for the rest of Coffee Clutch.

We watched the birds at the feeders and corn as Kessy munched. The chickens roamed every inch of the barn pecking, scratching and clucking. They surrounded Kessy, who seemed not to notice. Roosters lined up on the halfwall and crowed to the snowy forest. The train whistle blew in the distance.

This snow won't last more than a few days as it is forecasted warm up again tomorrow, but it was sure a wonderful snowy morning!  Have a fun day!!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry 


  1. Dutch Henry at his best ~ drawing us in with such avid detail, we feel we are there, with coffee mug in hand...