Monday, January 28, 2013

"For a Friend"

Howdy Folks,

Today's Coffee Clutch is dedicated to Pamela Nuckols who went to heaven on Friday. She was one of the original Coffee Clutchers, enjoying our visits before we started the blog, when I posted our chats on Facebook. I think she was the first to sign on to follow our blog. She was one of the first to call it the Coffee Clutch. Pam loved our chats about nature, she loved bird watching, butterflies and flowers. She loved leaving comments, told us it made her feel as though she were walking and chatting with us under the trees, watching and listening to birds. She loved nature and so missed being able to stroll through it. So she walked with us.

As with so many of our Facebook friends, I didn't know Pam before we met over the electronic fence. We were introduced by her cousin Carol Bernstien, and I thank Carol for that. Don't you just love how Facebook can spread friendship worldwide with ease? I'm not a tech savvy fellow, but I do thank my agent, Dawn Dawdle for pushing me into this part of the techy world. I would be lost now without all our friends who have become family, on Facebook and here on the Coffee Clutch blog.

Pam was a cheerleader, never complaining, always writing and reading about things she loved.

For you Pam …

Sleet tapped out a slow melody on the barn's tin roof, the trees hung heavy, bowing under the weight of their morning ice blanket. Juncos gathered under protective ice laden bows refueling for the day on cracked corn, singing their one note "twang."  One by one and two by two Morning Doves joined the Juncos at the scratch. Two male Cardinals sat high on a limb, their brilliant red coats shimmering as they called, "tick –tick." I wondered if they were complaining about the freezing rain. A pair of squirrels crept cautiously to join the breakfast buffet. A single Chickadee waited patiently on the old stump for a chance to join them. Mr. Blue Jay was not so patient.

A train's long whistle sounded in the distance, I poured my first cup and saluted the heavens. The chickens settled in the barn, and we all gathered with Kessy. Well, Saturday, the chickens and I did. This being a, "not perfect weather day," Tigger and Miss Kitty stayed in the house. Kessy munched her hay as we sat beside her and chickens rummaged the bedding beneath and around her. Snug and dry in the barn, sleet tapping the tin, it was another perfect Coffee Clutch morning. God Bless you, Pam, all of us know you'll be forever a Coffee Clutcher.

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry


  1. Such a sweet salute to the passing of a friend.

  2. Oh, that was a wonderful eulogy for your friend.
    I love reading your posts.
    I guess I forgot you were another fellow Dawn Dowdle author.